Are You Currently Feeling Stagnated In Life And Want To Have Better Control Of Where You Are Heading?


Angry that you always tend to make the “wrong” decisions in life? Feeling somewhat lost and directionless? Suspicious that “there’s got to be more to life than this”? Or just having the feeling of being “stuck” and don’t know where to move next?

Where you are now today in life, is the direct cumulative result of the choices you have made in the past, based on the experiences you have had.

Every sign and every planetary placement in your astrological birth chart has an energy that may express itself constructively or destructively, depending on where you are, at that moment in time. And from there good and bad decisions are made, leading you down to a completely different path if life. Those decisions are by no means predestined but your innate tendency to choose one over the other. Like your predisposition to be attracted to abusive men or trusting the wrong type of people (even after multiple painful lessons) and then lamenting that God must not like you very much.

If you don’t know yourself and if you don’t understand yourself, you are “fated” to act according to your internal instincts and that’s how your life’s experiences have conditioned you.

Astrology shows you how you are wired up internally, temperamentally and can highlight unconsciously automatic knee-jerk reactions, which very often make existing problems worse. Without knowing who you are, you will not have the confidence but a hard time finding our where you should be heading for your own success and happiness.

Knowing and understanding yourself can allow you to make informed Free Will choices and help you create a better and more successful future for yourself (and indirectly for those around you).


To know thyself is the beginning of Wisdom. – Socrates


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Want To Keep Your Man Wrapped Around Your Finger? Here’s How.


This is written for all the wives, girlfriends and that lady who is very keen on the “hunk” who works at the office next door. If you want to get him wrapped around your little finger, you have to know what makes him tick and what to do. Using Western Astrology I will reveal to you the characteristics of your man’s vulnerable spots. So without further ado, here we go –


The Aries man – He tends to be possessive and is very clear about his likes and dislikes. Nice external appearances is very high on his list of must-haves. At least whoever she is must be pleasing to his eyes. From time to time flatter his ego and praise him. Also give him a surprise sensually to his senses. All these things will help you gain major points with him. He tends to be physically active so you cannot be all docile and dependent. When he is busy or preoccupied, you should also leave him alone and do your own thing. His hunting instinct is turned on by females who seemed to be self-independent and have a passion for life. An active, athletic pretty female who happens to have a clueless personality (think Pamela Anderson in Baywatch) will have a devastating effect on him.

The Taurus Man – A man who loves enjoying life and pays much attention to his lifestyle choices, he tends to possess a cool exterior but a passionate heart. When he meets the girl of his fancy, there will not be any flashy declarations of love but instead likely be low-keyed and methodological. Occasionally vain, he may show-off his properties and good fortune to others. Sometimes he even considers you as his “property”. To the sensuous Taurus man who prefers physical closeness, a elegant and quiet, considerate and cute female who loves to give hugs will be his Achilles heel.

The Gemini Man – A multi-talented and social man who is indecisive lover, dislike complications plus being naturally curious, makes him very easily distracted. He also tends to have a very short attention span. As the Gemini man likes to share his ideas and creativity with his lover, you must have a wide spectrum of interests to keep him interested. A man who changes his mind easily as the wind changes direction, he appreciates girl with intelligence, youth and substance. Any verbally tasteless, stereotyping girl who likes to interfere with who he makes friends with will not stand a chance with him. An intelligent, quick-witted female news anchor-type will arouse his interest.

The Cancer Man – He is a passive and will not be the first to take the initiative, will be deeply committed once he decided that you are the one. The stubborn but very considerate Cancer man, will always put his family first. He will likely not be the life of the party due to his low humor quotient but he holds very highly to the ethics of love. He will likely look at a relationship as a premise to marriage. The parents views will be the yardstick to measure up the potential-love-of-his-life. Furthermore, some Cancer men carries the Oedipal complex with them will have a soft spot for a woman’s breasts. A girl who know how to be observant, can coax the Cancer man almost like one does a child. A female who also possess maternal traits and have good managerial skills who can arrange his life for him will have him around her fingers like putty.

The Leo Man –  The radiant and macho (chauvinistic) Leo man, tends to be self-centered, convinced he is the center of the universe. To attract his eyeballs, you must be the brightest, most attention-stealing person in the crowd or someone who everyone talks about. The Leo man loves to be the center of attention, the flavor of the month so to speak. They will mind whether their subject matter have everyone’s attention and will bathe happily in the adoration of his admirers. If you are elegant, outstanding, flashy but (most importantly) put him on the highest pedestal and worship him, you will have him in your pocket in no time.

The Virgo Man – He is a discerning perfectionist, with strict attention to details and taking to heart any and all minor nuances. Do not make the mistake in thinking he is old-fashioned and conservative. Your image to him is very important. You have to be elegant and decent, be of decent speech, careful and considerate but not shallow nor noisy. He will observe you for a considerable period of time your intelligence, thriftiness, cleanliness. Females with all these traits plus is talented will pass through his observation period with flying colors. But in reality, he’s already yours long ago.

The Libra Man – A man who puts great importance on friendships and appearances, he inevitably cannot separate between love and life. A natural romantic, when it comes to someone he cares about, will try his best to be gain her favor and fulfill her every wish. He puts a high priority on his personal relationships and at the same time being a darling at social events, is highly vulnerable to a female who possesses the same similar skills. But more importantly if she is also elegant, able to capture the attention of those around her and especially be good with people, he might as well just hand you the keys to his heart.

The Scorpio Man – Warm and friendly but possesses a clear distinction between love and hate, the Scorpio man has a unique charm that is likely to stun. Being naturally suspicious and always worried of being emotionally hurt, during moments of uncertainty, even when internally he is past the boiling point, externally he will maintain a cool and frosty appearance. When he senses that you have more than having a passing interest and he has locked onto you as a target, he will spill his guts to you, doing whatever it takes to please you. A female who is gentle, honest, possessing a sexy temperament but at the same time also having an air of innocence is guaranteed to steal his suspicious heart.

The Sagittarius Man – He is naturally frank, candid and happy-go-lucky type of guy. He dislikes females who are emotionally needy and “sticky”. If you are independent, have your own individual views and able to draw inferences from an instance, sensible and smart, able to match his speed of thought, plus being caring but at the same time don’t let him feel caged without freedom, he will be like a kite soaring in the skies, and the person holding the string on the ground will be you. Only a female who knows how to fly a kite will have a permanent space in his heart.

The Capricorn Man – Possessing a outwardly cool and collected demeanor, without much mirth, is the Capricorn man. To him, career will always be the first priority as power and prestige is of much importance. To be his lover, one must be sensible and steady, able to help him manage his career or engage his contacts, the one to put the phrase “behind every successful man is a woman” into action. Ideally you should be able to be both his lover and business partner. Also, a Capricorn man is meticulous with his work. He tends to hide his feelings and will not take the initiative to pursue the opposite sex but has a hardworking personality. The female who holds to the traditional view of “the wife should always be supportive the husband”, will be stand a better chance in hooking him.

The Aquarius Man – A generally subjective and reasonable philanthropist, to the Aquarius man, love seems ethereal. The best thing you can do is not to show signs of possessiveness. So long as it is established that both of you are in love with each other, why the need for constant, undivided attention? He like the “both lover and friend” arrangement. A man ahead of the times, you have to be able to come up with creative and fresh ideas to keep up with his pace of change. A female who uses emotional blackmail will guarantee his disappearance. But one who is independent, confident, smart and loves her own space and freedom will grab his curiosity and interest.

The Pisces Man – He is a moody romantic and a sentimentalist. Getting into dubious affairs is not hard for him due to his gentlemanly nature. Even if he is not really that into you, he will be very friendly and considerate, creating a humorous and romantic atmosphere making you feel pampered. Overwhelmed, you will want to spend more time with him. A female who can understand his feelings, and also help him build his dreams, proving to him that he is not boring or vulgar, accepting of his outworldlyness will be able to master his heart.


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– Guest post by Esther Teh (Master Western Astrologer at Love & Healing


Note: this is just a general and very basic assessment of the personality and characteristic of what a typical astrological male is be like. There are other considerations that will intensify or diminish the above characteristics. For a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis there is the Personal Astrological Profile and if you want to know how to keep your current relationship going smoothly and in constant tip-top condition, consider our Compatibility Analysis Report. It had been known to help head-off a few near divorces and saved many a relationships from silly misunderstandings that got too ungainly to differences in both parties’ communication methods.

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Video: Why Your Wedding Ring Is On Your 4th Finger


Many of you may have seen this video since it had been around since 2008 but I’m putting it here because some may not have a chance to see it and I still find the clip very interesting and meaningful. :)

So you do you think? Agree? Disagree? Leave your comments below. :)


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When Your Feng Shui Master Declines To Charge You Anything, Do Not Start To Celebrate. Here’s Why.


This is an article I came across in a Chinese website and I think it is interesting so I’m translating it for your reading pleasure. The original article can be found here if you can read Chinese.

Since a long time ago there was a saying: If a person went to consult a metaphysical practitioner, after the session is over the metaphysical practitioner refused to accept his payment. That person immediately started crying bitterly. Why instead of considering himself lucky that he got the session free, the person immediately became unhappy and ended up crying? Nowadays, if you did a consult for someone he not only will expect it to be free of charge, after benefiting from the consult and not paying, he may even accuse you of being inaccurate.

For a practitioner to accept payment, firstly it is to be expected, secondly he or she too have bills to pay and a livelihood to maintain. So why, when the practitioner chose not to take the money for the consult, the customer instead of celebrating his good fortune, ended crying instead?

This is due to the unwritten rule or code of conduct in the industry that there are 3 types of people who are metaphysical practitioners must not receive payment.

What type of people should charge a fee, how much to charge and what type of people must never be charged a fee, this code of conduct had been passed down for thousands and hundreds of years. But in modern times people talk about moving with the times and the code of conduct has not been adhered to strictly. But a code of conduct is still a code of conduct. Whether one choose to follow it is up to personal choice. These codes of conduct had been passed down since antiquity to each generation of practitioners and every generation automatically follows the code. Therefore there must be a good reason why it existing till today.

What the code of conduct states as to the standard to fee charging are:

1) To the wealthy and well-to-do charge more. When it comes to those who are very fortunate, those who are wealthy, the fee cannot be too little. If it is too little it is disagreeable with the laws of Heaven. The reason is wealthy people has immense influence over society, whether for good or for bad the sphere of influence these people have is huge and the level of influence is deeper. To reveal the secrets of one’s fate and destiny has far reaching consequences. For example, a governor’s life will influence the lives of everyone living in the state. A mayor’s life will influence the lives of everyone living in the town. A CEO’s life will influence the lives everyone working in the company. A wealthy person’s life will influence the fortunes of everyone within the household. This must be differentiated.

2) To the poor charge less. When it comes to the less well-to-do or poor people, the fee should be charged as low as possible. A person who’s worried about his day-to-day has a small influence on society and thus the harm of revealing the secrets of his fate and destiny is likewise smaller.

3) There are 3 kinds of lives that fees must not be charged. Doing so will only accrue negative merit for oneself.

1) To those whose life is ending or heading to an end, one must not receive payment. That is to say, if the person does not have long to live comes for a consult, we must not charge anything. Because “the living does not take payment from the dead”. [plus you must be in the wrong line of work if you know this yet is able to accept payment. – ed]

2) To those who a great unavoidable calamity or disaster will befall, one must not receive payment. This because, that person if not dead will still be gravely injured or the whole family ends up ruined.

3) To those who will never have any good fortune, one must not receive payment. Meaning this type of people whose lives are already in a bad state and life further down the road will only get worst with no chance of recovery. Since you are unble to help change the course of his life, you in effect have not delivered your side of the “goods” and it will benefit your  karma not to add to the burden.

 So until this day and age, in society especially the villages, to decline accepting payment after a consult is considered taboo. Naturally no one voluntarily wants to be associated with the above conditions. If ever a metaphysical practitioner declines your payment after a consulting session, do not be too happy, because surely you belong to one of the 3 unfortunate circumstances. When a practitioner declines payment, he is hinting to you that your life matches one of the 3 conditions. Either your life is at its end or some unavoidable calamity or disaster is coming or your current fortune will only go from bad to worst.


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Zodiac Signs Being The Best At What They Do. Which One Are You?



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