Today Is Li Chun, It Is Also Officially The First Day of The Year Of The Wood Horse


Today is 4th February 2014. This is the first day of the Wood Horse according to the feng shui year. It is known as Li Chun (立春) or the Beginning of Spring. It is also the start of the feng shui year. On this day the Snake “hands” over his duties over to the Horse for his turn on the one-year roster.

Have you changed or updated your house feng shui yet, notably the Northwest and East sectors?

Also it is also good if you can deposit some money (amount not important) into your bank account/s to bring yourself some wealth luck for 2014. You have until 11pm (your own local time) to do so because after 11pm it will be considered the 2nd day of Spring already. :)

New Astrology Service: Personal 60 Jia- Zi Luck Analysis for 2014

life directions

This year we are offering a new life analysis method based on the time-tested Bazi study of 60 Jia-Zi. So what is this 60 Jia-Zi?

In advanced Bazi, the Jia-Zi (a combination of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch) forms one of the 4 Pillars of a person’s Chinese astrological birth chart and normally the Day Pillar is used. In turn this Day Pillar is perceived as an image to determine multiple things like objects, events, industries, businesses, people, places and even individual characters. And because there are actually 60 of such combinations, it makes a person’s Jia-Zi, which is based on the date of birth, highly personal and individualistic unlike the 12 Astrological Animal Signs or the 12 Zodiac signs commonly used in the west that uses the year of birth to determine outcome.

A personal Jia-Zi is used to assess person’s inner most character and personality and from there establish what the year will bring in various areas of his or her life like career, relationships, health and of course, wealth.

Which brings us back to our new astrological service, Personal 60 Jia-Zi Luck Analysis Report specifically for 2014 (and will be valid up until 3rd Feb 2015). In this informative PDF report you will find what’s in store for you personally in the year of the Wood Horse in 4 major areas of concern (Career, Relationship, Health and Wealth) of your life. With is personalized information about yourself, you will be better prepared to manage the ups and downs, surprises and opportunities in these 4 important areas! Plus there will be a monthly breakdown of what to watch out for.

The fee for the Personal 60 Jia-Zi Luck Analysis Report is originally worth $88 SGD but the good news is, for a limited period, we are glad to announce that you need to invest only $38 SGD.


Order your own Personal 60 Jia-Zi Luck Analysis Report now by clicking on the Buy Now button on the upper right corner of your screen for a personal “path of least resistance” roadmap to a prosperous and lucky 2014! All we need is your date of birth! :)


Wishing All Readers A Very Prosperous and Fulfilling Chinese New Year 2014

Here’s How To Have A Lucky Year In 2014


On 31st January 2014, all Chinese everywhere celebrates the Chinese New Year and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, old and new a very Auspicious Chinese New Year!! :D

And for good measure, on the first day of Chinese New Year if you want to begin on a lucky note that will last all throughout the year, you might want to do the following:


1) During the hours between 11pm (of 30th Jan) to 3m and 7am to 1pm, after leaving the house, head East to “meet” the God of Nobility and receive his blessings;

2) Alternatively, heading West or North during the same timings above is also auspicious;

3) Avoid, if possible, heading in the directions of Southeast or South, especially during the hours of 1pm to 5pm or 11pm to 1am (of 1st Feb). If where you needed to go to happens to be in the Southeast or South, it is better to head East first before heading to your destination;

4) The hours of 3am to 7am, too are not suitable for heading out or for traveling.


Hope with this everyone can have a prosperous and very auspicious 2014! Huat ah!  :D

How To Welcome The God Of Wealth Into Your House In 2014


Every Chinese New Year, millions of Chinese all over the world will welcome The God of Wealth into their homes or offices. This year is no difference but only with a caveat. :)

The God of Wealth will arrive from the South on 31st January between 1am to 3am for the year of the Wood Horse.

But this year, we have a problem as the Tai Sui (aka Grand Duke Jupiter) is also arriving from the South although technically only after a couple of days later on 4th February at 6.03am.

Personally, my recommendation is to welcome the God of Nobility 贵神 arriving from the East between 1am to 3am instead of the God of Wealth.

To welcome the God of nobility, all you have to do is to open all East-facing windows or doors during the auspicious hours stated. That’s all there is to it unless you choose to follow the Taoist-religious route with all the praying and offerings.

For added good measure, if you can go out of your house and walk south during the listed timings, so much the better. This is an option if you happen to not have any east-facing windows or doors. :)


Please note: People born in the year of the Monkey should not be the one doing the welcoming.

The Tai Sui or Grand Duke of 2014 and Those Affected


According to Taoist traditions, the stately old gentleman you see playing a zither above is the picture of the current Grand Duke or Tai Sui for the year 2014, otherwise also known as the year of the Wood Horse. His name is Zhang Ci (章词) and he is one of 60 heavenly generals who takes turns every year to govern the affairs of matters pertaining to the Earth realm by decree of the Jade Emperor. Traditionally, many Chinese all over the world will go to the temples during the 31st of Jan to the 28th of Feb 2014 and offer prayers to “pacify” the current Tai Sui-in-office, particularly those whose astrological animal signs is in conflict with him, or rather the astrological animal sign the year represents, so that for the rest of the year he will not send them trials and challenges but to grant peace and good fortune instead.

Most Chinese will know that there are 4 astrological animal signs that will suffer the “wrath” of the Tai Sui and have “bad luck” throughout the year but no one ever tells you WHERE THE CHALLENGES ARE COMING FROM! So who are the ones who should pay attention in 2014 and what to watch for?

HORSE (值太岁): This year, Horse people need to pay attention to what they are doing as most of problems and challenges they encounter seems be self-inflicted or through self-sabotage, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

RAT (冲太岁): This year, Rat people will experience a less-than-comfortable roller coaster ride but the good news is they will see challenges coming before it hits them, if they only pay attention.

RABBIT (破太岁): This year, Rabbit people will face situations that they may be pushed into corners or do things they would not normally do, like against better judgement, getting into damaging relationships and picking up harmful behaviours.

OX (害太岁): This year, Ox people need to be more careful and be on their toes with everything they do and the people they deal with, as the challenges will come at a direction that’s least expected.

(challenges read: trouble)

This year’s Tai Sui is located in the SOUTH sector between 172-187 degrees from the center of the property so in order to prevent “disturbing” the Tai Sui energies within your house and/or office, it is a good idea to avoid all forms of renovation, moving large furniture around, drilling of walls and especially breaking of ground in that area. This also applies to the immediate areas OUTSIDE your house or office.

Note: The above are but very general guidelines and have not taken into consideration the rest of your personal birth chart so kindly take the above as a warning and not as a rule. Also you may find that in some websites people will substitute the Ox with a Rooster. :)

It’s 2014!! Happy New Year, Everyone!!



Here’s wishing all my readers a

Very Happy and Interesting Year

ahead in 2014. :D

Auspicious Dates For Re-opening for Business or Starting Work in 2014


Meaning: may you have properity on starting work.

The following are auspicious dates after the Chinese New Year for re-opening of business or starting work on a prosperous footing in the year of the Wood Horse:


04/02   unsuitable for people born in the year of the Rat
05/02   unsuitable for people born in the year of the Ox
07/02   unsuitable for people born in the year of the Rabbit
13/02   unsuitable for people born in the year of the Rooster


* Red is a Priority Day meaning if you can, open your business or start work on this day.

These dates also applies if you are a Head of Department, or any person of authority with subordinates or people under you.

Here’s something you might want to do: Make sure the boss or the person-in-charge is the first person to walk through the entrance and say something auspicious out loud as he or she does so to garner prosperity and auspiciousness for the company throughout the rest of the year. Even better if you can invite a VIP or VVIP to do it so you can “borrow” their prosperous energies. Why do you think MNCs and big businesses invite famous celebrities or government Ministers to their openings, aside from the more obvious prestige factor? :)

By the way, as operating a business, no matter how small, is still a commercial enterprise that will involve both your own livelihood as well as those of other people working for you so re-starting your business after the Chinese New Year is a very important event but please do not email me to request for personally auspicious opening dates and times for your business unless it is on a professional basis. Checking of dates that you have picked to open for business for general auspiciousness is still fine, though.

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