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Attracting Wealth & Abundance

Contrary to popular belief, it never was a Zero-Sum game. If you understand this, I can guarantee that you will have abundance and be wealthy.

What the …?!?

er…  i pity the guy who got the (feng shui) auditing job.  >_<

The Lunar New Year

And…. it’s finally here. The chinese or lunar new year, depending on who you ask. A time when the chinese pig out on sweet meats like ba kua and other delicious stuff, giving out ang pows to the young and the single and playing mahjong all night long. Well, in Singapore at least, . . . → Read More: The Lunar New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai to everyone.

The Chinese New Year celebrations is just around the corner. From 26th till 29th January, depending on who you ask. In China it lasts a whole 15 days. But in feng shui the year’s Qi (energy) doesn’t change until 4th February, at 12.52am, to be exact. That’s . . . → Read More: Happy Chinese New Year!!