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Show me the Money

In these times of troubled economy, people tend to look for any way to secure their income or growing more if possible. Call it greed or call it fear, somehow people are not too confident in their own skills or value. They have a tendency to look towards something extra, something that’s beyond . . . → Read More: Show me the Money

Buying a home using feng shui

Buying a house is always a big and expensive decision for anyone. Wouldn’t it be great if you can make sure that the house you are interested in is supporting you and your family in terms of wealth and health? Now you can without costing you an arm and a leg. All you need . . . → Read More: Buying a home using feng shui

Feng shui does not guarantee miracles

Here’s an article that I found to be interesting and decided to reproduce it here in verbatim.

Mr. Leong was the owner of an electrical shop in a big city in Malaysia. He invested all of his savings into the business without any hesitation, thinking that his business would thrive and become a success. . . . → Read More: Feng shui does not guarantee miracles

Li Chun, a new beginning in the year of the Ox

Unlike the common New Year on 1st Jan, in feng shui, the “new year” starts today.

In case you are curious why the feng shui year doesn’t start on the January 1st like everyone else, its because the Xia or farmer’s calendar is used instead of the more common Gregorian or solar calendar.

. . . → Read More: Li Chun, a new beginning in the year of the Ox