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Storm over Singapore

This was what went on on other parts of Singapore when the Merlion’ s head was struck. Thanks to for the pics.

Storm over Singapore

Notice the “moaning face” on the right of the picture?

Storm front

Looks like Singapore was being invaded, doesn’t . . . → Read More: Storm over Singapore

Ka-Boom went the Merlion's head


Last week the Merlion‘s head got hit by lightning. Sometime not long ago the Singapore Flyer stopped (for the 2nd time). This time due to a small fire. And what has these two seemingly unrelated incidents have to do with each other? Other than being tourist attractions, they are also of some feng . . . → Read More: Ka-Boom went the Merlion's head

Water, water everywhere

In feng shui, as understood by the masses, water is generally equated to wealth. But that in itself is a misconception. In classical feng shui


If it does then I am still waiting for my truck loads of money to arrive since I have the sea . . . → Read More: Water, water everywhere

Qi? What is Qi?

I was browsing around yesterday while I’ve got some time to burn and I came across this article that made me reconsider my original concept of Qi in regards to Feng Shui that I just have to reproduce it completely here. Let me warn you that it tends to be heavy on scientific theories . . . → Read More: Qi? What is Qi?