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Auspicious Date Selection Method to suit your need

Annual (Yearly) Astrology Transit Report 2017


Personal 60 Jia-Zi Analysis Report for 2017


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Your Complete Personal Astrological Profile


Double Bonus coming up

Here’s a heads-up to all my readers.

Pay attention to the period between July 7th to Aug 7th.


Because during this period the same Monthly Stars will visit the Annual Stars. This means, depending on the effects the Stars, the said-effects will be doubled.

So at the Southeast we will have the Monthly . . . → Read More: Double Bonus coming up

Poll : What do you want Feng Shui to do for you?

So I’m curious, which of the choices below is most important to you?

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Determining the Facing Direction of a Property

We all know the each house or property has a front and a back (well, duh…).

But with modern architectural designs nowadays one would sometimes be hard pressed to tell where front begins and the back ends. In feng shui, before anything can proceed, 2 things must be determined:

1) The facing direction of . . . → Read More: Determining the Facing Direction of a Property