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Feng Shui according to a christian writer

Got me a comment from a “seriously mis-informed” christian writer today.

Why do I say she’s “seriously mis-informed”, you ask?

Here are some of the “facts” according to her: 1) Feng shui is “a religion”; 2) Feng shui is “unfriendly toward Christians and Jews”; 3) Feng shui is “a well oraganized church based . . . → Read More: Feng Shui according to a christian writer

Feng Shui Items

Recently I have some clients asking me (again!) about which feng shui item is good for wealth generation. Apparently, after some probing, I found out that a new feng shui shop opened along Singapore’s Orchard Road carrying feng shui items made of coloured glass (similar to the pic above) by another GrandMaster, following . . . → Read More: Feng Shui Items

Heaven Earth & Man

Heaven, Earth and Man or Tian, Di, Ren in chinese typically represents the “trinity” of chinese metaphysics. First you have Heaven where your destiny on this plane of existence is so-called “decided”. This is coded in your 8 characters or Bazi in chinese. Next there is Earth where there is this energy known as . . . → Read More: Heaven Earth & Man