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Chinese poem to share

Here’s a chinese poem that I found on a feng shui forum that I frequent and thought it’s meaningful enough to share with my readers. 🙂

存心不善 ,風水無益 ; 不孝父母 ,奉神無益; 兄弟不和,交友無益; 行止不端,讀書無益.

I will try to translate as closely as possible with my amazing (not!) command (not not!!) of the chinese language. 😛

. . . → Read More: Chinese poem to share

It's Buddha's birthday today!

Here’s wishing my readers and all peoples a very blessed Vesak Day!

Commemorating the Birth, Enlightenment and Death of the Buddha.

On Missing Corners and Weakened Sectors

In Feng Shui, normally when we purchase a property we would like it to be as rectangular or as squarish as possible, without any missing corners or look like a piece of irregular-shaped jigsaw puzzle.

This is to make sure that the Qi within the property is as “complete” as possible. Look at . . . → Read More: On Missing Corners and Weakened Sectors

A liitle knowledge is a dangerous thing

Well, maybe not that dangerous but still may cause more trouble than help.

Case-in-point: choosing a property based on the 4 Celestial Animals Theory.

Based on many popular feng shui books on the market and feng shui advice on the Internet, having a land formation that mimicks the placement of the 4 celestial . . . → Read More: A liitle knowledge is a dangerous thing