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Auspicious Date Selection Method to suit your need

Annual (Yearly) Astrology Transit Report 2017


Personal 60 Jia-Zi Analysis Report for 2017


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A Little Personal Update

To all my friends and well wishers:

An appreciative heart-felt thanks to all of you for your prayers and encouragements. I am recovering well from my kidney transplant and will probably be home in a week’s time, baring any unforseen complications. 🙂

Again thank you all for your love and . . . → Read More: A Little Personal Update

10/10/10 – An Auspicious Date for a Perfect Marriage?

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SINGAPORE : Some couples want to make sure that everything is more than a perfect 10 on their wedding day. So, they have booked to tie the knot on October 10 this year for that combination – 10/10/10. According to the Registry of Marriages, 348 couples have registered to . . . → Read More: 10/10/10 – An Auspicious Date for a Perfect Marriage?

What Is Bazi And How Can It Help You?

Bazi (literally Eight Characters in Chinese), or otherwise known as Four Pillars, is not the same as Chinese Astrology, as it more popularly known in western parts of the world. In the west, Chinese Astrology is more commonly known for its 12 animal signs and how each person’s behavior is represented as an . . . → Read More: What Is Bazi And How Can It Help You?

Auspicious Marriage Dates for 2011

Recently I have received a lot of requests from parents and young couples to help them select auspicious marriage dates for 2011,  the year of the Rabbit. Don’t know about anywhere else but in Singapore you will need at least a year ahead in preparations, two if possible. Just ask any wedding planner. 🙂

. . . → Read More: Auspicious Marriage Dates for 2011