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2013 Not A Good Year To Get Married?

I have received many enquiries about whether 2013 is a good year to get married because it is deemed a “Widow Year”. Story has it that getting married in a “Widow Year” will cause bad luck and even bring early death to one’s husband if the couple is married in that year.

So what is a “Widow Year”?

A “Widow Year” or “Blind Year” comes about when there is no Li Chun or “first day of Spring” in that year due to a difference in time periods between the solar and lunar calendars when Li Chun occurs before the first day of the Lunar Chinese New Year. When that happens Li Chun is deemed to be absent thus making events like marriages inauspicious because Li Chun represents the start of Spring and Spring represents new beginnings and a marriage is considered a “new beginning” for a marrying couple.

So no Li Chun = no Spring = no new beginning = inauspicious. Locally we call this “pang tang” or taboo. 🙂

But this is a Chinese cultural belief and has no significance or impact on Chinese Date Selection. Most Date Selection masters do not even take a “Widow Year” into consideration when selecting an auspicious date for marrying as these years occur quite frequently. The impact of auspiciousness of the selected date on a person’s birth date is more important.

Even if a “Widow Year” is as bad as it sounds, there are always very auspicious days coinciding with a person’s birth date that will overcome any inauspiciousness of that year so no worries. 2013 is a year like any other year. Depending a person’s birth date, it will be auspicious for some while inauspicious for others. That is why selecting a proper date for a major event like marriage according to the couple’s birth dates is very important. 🙂

212 comments to 2013 Not A Good Year To Get Married?

  • chatterbox_81

    Hi, just wanted to check we are having our ROM come March 31st is this a good date considering my DOB is Nov.10,1981 and my hubby DOB is July 30th 1984. Can you also advice us as to what would be a considerably lucky wedding date for june and dec. of this year. Please help been thinking abt finding the right date abt 6months already. hope that you can provide guidance to us. cheers!

    • Stanley

      Hi Chatterbox_81,

      31/03 is a so-so day for marriage. I you want to get married on a generally auspicious wedding day, you can choose from my list of auspicious wedding dates here:

      But if you really want peace of mind and a wedding date that is personally very lucky for both the bride and the groom, you might want to consider engaging our wedding date selection service. 🙂

  • kelly

    Just wondering if this is a good year to get married at all for me. My birthdate is 30 April 1988 and his is 02 July 1980.

    • Stanley

      Hi Kelly,

      Yes, it is a good year for you to get married this year. All you need to do now is to choose an auspicious day. 🙂

  • chatterbox_81

    Hi Stanley,

    How can i proceed to engage a wedding date selection service. secondly is this year a good year to marriage for us. our date of birth as per above details. thanks

    • Stanley

      Hi Chatterbox_81,

      Yes, it is preferable to get married this year than in 2014.

      My fee for auspicious wedding date selection is $88 SGD, which can be paid by credit card through Paypal, by cheque or by inter-bank transfer. To facilitate the date selection I will need the birth date, birth time and country of birth of both the bride and the groom. You will receive 3 wedding dates that is most suitable to both parties ranging from the best plus 2 next second best, should the first one be not usable for whatever reasons. Also kindly allow 3 days for delivery.

      Work will begin once confirmation of payment if received. Thank you. 🙂

  • Joan

    Hi Stanley,

    reading your post regarding this 2013 as widow year, somehow bothered me..

    please if you can tell me if its ok if we will push through with our wedding, our wedding is schedule for the May 22, 2013 at 3 pm… bride is rabbit = november 25, 1975 while groom is pig = mar 29, 1971.

    please do advise

    • Stanley

      Hi Joan,

      Don’t worry too much about 2013 being a Widow Year. Like I said in my article, it’s a Chinese cultural belief and has no impact on Date Selection. It’s just like any other year.

      My main concern is not so much the not-so-ideal wedding date of May 22 but the direct conflict between the groom’s birth year and your birth date with the year’s Grand Duke Jupiter (also known as the Tai Sui). It is a very bad idea to hold any major events like a wedding, starting a new business or moving into an new house when there is a direct conflict with a major negative star like the Grand Duke. My recommendation is to postpone the wedding to 2014 or consider engaging our wedding date selection service to help you choose the most auspicious wedding date to negate the inauspiciousness of the year and help attract happiness and good fortune into the marriage if you want to get married in 2013.

  • alan

    widows year sounds scary to me.
    we have choosen 2 dates 11/2/2013 and 13/2/2013 morning
    our date of birth is
    17/6/1981 = rooster
    24/12/1989 = snake groom
    do you think we should tie the knot this year? pls do advise
    thank you

    • Stanley

      Hi Alan,

      The Widow Year is not the problem here but the groom’s birth year. It happens to be in conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) in 2013 thus making it not a good idea for the groom to get married without a very auspicious wedding date. Plus both chosen dates are inauspicious as well. I strongly recommend you re-select your wedding date (maybe to a later date but no need to postpone) or consider engaging our wedding date selection service to help you choose the most auspicious wedding date.

  • anne

    hi stanley,

    is it ok if we move our wedding date nov.21,2013 change to jan. 8, 2014?. im just worried about widow year.
    bride birthday-04/13/1984
    groom birthday-01/25/1984.

    please advice us.
    thank u so much!

    • Stanley

      Hi Anne,

      Like I mentioned in my article, the Widow Year is a Chinese cultural belief due to a difference in the solar and lunar calendar and has no real impact on your marriage but if you are uncomfortable getting married in 2013, maybe you want to consider engaging in our wedding date selection service to help you select a very auspicious wedding date for the both of you?

  • yve

    i just read this article and I admit that it’s bothering me…
    We’re planning to tie the knot on October 21, 2013 afternoon. Is this a good date for us?

    My date of birth is November 30, 1985 = Ox
    May 31, 1981 = Rooster groom

    Should we pursue it this year?

    • Stanley

      Hi yve,

      Oct 21st is not the perfect date for marriage but you can still get married in 2013 as it is a suitable year for both of you. 🙂

  • Ramya

    Very interesting post. My date of birth is March 5, 1985. I would like to know if this is a good year for me to get married.

  • yve

    Hi Stanley!
    I would like to know what’s the difference between standard (88SGD)and deluxe(288SGD)? Well, aside from the price ofcourse..
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks! =)

    • Stanley

      Hi Yve,

      The standard package uses only one modality, which is Bazi (as is industry standard), to derive your personally auspicious wedding dates while the deluxe package goes deeper with the utilization of Western Astrology, Numerology and Zi Wei Duo Shu together with Bazi to refine and filter the personalized auspicious wedding dates even further resulting in the best wedding date possible.

  • dea

    Hello Stanley,

    Would this year be good for us?

    groom: 09/01/49 = Ox
    wtb : 04/14/53 = snake

  • Jem

    Hi Stanley,

    Kindly check if these is a good time to tie the knots
    Groom: July 9, 1975
    Bride: Jan 17, 1981
    Wedding Date: November 16, 2013

    Is this a good year for us or shall we move it to 2014?


    • Stanley

      Hi Jen,

      You can get married in 2013 but Nov 16 is not a good day. Would you like to engage us to help you choose a very auspicious wedding day? 🙂

  • Anne

    My fiancee dob is 11-28-1981(rooster).
    My dob is 3-31-20-20-3 +/- 14 days or so (since my parents dont remember exact date but know that i am an ox).
    We are planning either nov 2, 2013 or nov 30, 2013 as our wedding date.
    Are these dates ok?

    Thanks so much!

  • Anne

    My bday is 3/31/1985 plus or minus 14 days

  • Sienna

    Greetings Stanley,

    Thanks so much for all ths information! It is very helpful(!!). Like so many others I too was worred about the “Widow Year” factor (for 2013) — esp. given my fiance is a few years older than I, and neither one of us are “spring chickens”. We’ve planned an Oct 26 (a Sat.) wedding date which is NOT one of the “generic” auspiscious dates you list. HOWEVER, I’d read elsewhere that it’s the date you sign all the official papers on that matters the most(?). So I am wondering & since they are so close: if we wait and sign the offical papers on Mon. Oct 28, which IS a generic auspicious day (& the first business day after the ceremony) would that give us he full benefit of “marrying on an auspicous day”? — My DOB is 24 Dec. 1963 (Water Rabit), and my fiance’s is !6 Nov. 1952 (Water Dragon). Thanks so much for any help you can give!

    • Stanley

      Hi Sienna,

      Yes, the most important date is the Registry Of Marriage (ROM) day or the day both of you sign on the official wedding documents to seal your marriage as husband and wife. So it would be a very good idea to get married on Oct 28 as it is an auspicious day for marriages. 🙂

  • Apryl

    Recently engaged, we’re deciding on a wedding date. First things first…what year? Because of the 13 we decided 2014 is safer. However I’m reading that 2013 may be wiser. I’m a goat (4/14/79) he’s a monkey (7/26/80). What do you think about the year?

    • Stanley

      Hi Apryl,

      So long as you get married on an auspicious date, you can marry in either years as there are no major clashes with your birth years. And if you are worried about the number “13” then you are mixing up westerner beliefs with Chinese Date Selection. 🙂

      • Apryl

        Hi, thanks for the info! My concern about the 2013 is because its a widow year. But then I read that 2013 is a good year for the monkey to get married in which my fiancé is. We’re thinking 9/18/13. Any thoughts on that date? Cheers!

  • Sarah

    Will November 30th 2013 be a good day for us to marry? He is 10/26/76 (dragon) and I am 7/24/82 (dog). Thanks!

  • yL

    Hi Stanley,

    We plan to get married this Dec 2013, but my grandma says according to feng sui man are not supposed to get married at the age of 31.
    May I know why is that so?

    • Stanley

      Hi yL,

      I don’t quite understand your sentence. Do you mean your grandma said that according to feng shui, Man (meaning human beings) is not supposed to get married at age of 31 or do you mean she said according to the feng shui man, you are not supposed to get married at age of 31? Either way, it is a Chinese cultural taboo and has no implications in date selection nor in feng shui. 🙂

  • Steph

    Hi Stanley,

    I am considering a wedding on 10/26/13 or 11/2/2013.
    Bride bday 3/1/1985
    Groom bday 7/8/1986

    Is this a good year for us? are those dates okay?

  • tina

    What are the auspicious dates for getting married in 2013 for us?
    Bride: 4 Oct 1965 – snake
    Groom: 23 Oct 1675 – rabbit
    Can you recommend a date-calculator to know all of them for this year?
    Thank you!!!
    Best wishes

  • nancy

    I love reading all of this.Keep it up

  • cindy

    Hi Stanley,

    We are planning to wed late fall of 2013 or spring 2014.
    What are the auspicious dates for those months please?

    groom: 5/26/81 = rooster
    bride: 2/6/86 = my parents say I am half ox and half tiger b/c of the chinese ny so I don’t know what I really am

    Thanks so much for your help!!!

    • Stanley

      Hi Cindy,

      The 2013 Fall auspicious wedding dates are already listed on my site. For The Spring 2014 dates you will have to wait till next year for the free list to be up. By the way, you are born in the year of the Tiger. 🙂

  • Eve

    Just want to get married this year say in June 2013
    Groom 24 feb 1985( ox)
    Bride 15 sep 1982 ( dog )
    What is the best day and is it the right year for us

    • Stanley

      Hi Eve,

      You can get married this year and you can choose from any of the auspicious wedding dates as listed on my site. But if you really want the best and most auspicious wedding date, then I recommend engaging our wedding date selection services. Kindly email for more details. Thank you. 🙂

  • Michelle

    My birthday : 3/22/1988 (dragon)
    My Fiance: 11/17/1983 (boar)

    would like to now what’s a good weeding date by november to get married. Thanks!

    • Stanley

      Hi Michelle,

      You can choose from any of the auspicious wedding dates as listed on my site but if you seriously really want the luckiest date in 2013 then you will have to engage our wedding date selection services. Kindly email for details. 🙂

  • Lynn


    Could you please tell me which dates are most auspicious for my wedding this year? My fiance and I are both oxen and would like to get married between November 2013 and January 2014. Thank you so much!

    • Stanley

      Hi Lynn,

      You can choose from any of the auspicious wedding dates as listed on my site. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Hi stanley..i enailed u at the email u tld me..can u do wedding selection online consulttion?

    • Stanley

      Hi Michelle,

      Have replied your email. 🙂

      • Michelle

        Nope u havent. So do u do online consultation for date selection or not?

        • Stanley

          Hi Michelle,

          The email was sent out at 9.19pm Singapore time so it may be in your mail box by now. Anyway to answer your question, yes we do online consultation for date selection if that is requested. You have a choice of email, Skype or Facebook messaging. 🙂

  • Michelle

    I prefer email and facebook messaging

  • Fiona

    My Birthday – Jan. 9, 1980 (sheep)
    My Fiance – Jan. 8, 1980 (sheep)

    We are planning to get married Oct. 25, 2013. Is this a lucky day for us? If not, is January 25, 2014 a better day? How much is your wedding date selection service? Thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Fiona,

      Oct 25th is not an ideal day for marriage.

      You can choose from any of the generally auspicious dates already posted on my site or you may want to choose to use our Auspicious Wedding Date Selection service. We have 2 wedding date selection packages: Deluxe and Regular.

      Regardless of which package you ultimately choose, all the dates selected will be very auspicious because it is chosen according to the individual birthdates and times of the bride and groom. The difference between our deluxe and regular package is the modalities used in the date selection. The deluxe package uses 3 different modalities (Bazi, Western Astrology and Numerology) while the regular package uses only one single modality (bazi) commonly used by most feng shui masters. And because the deluxe package uses more modalitites, the already auspicious wedding dates selected by bazi (regular package) will be further fine-tuned and filtered by western astrology and numerology. The resulting wedding date will be the very best and most auspicious available to you.

      Due to the amount of work involved, the fee for the deluxe package is $288 SGD while the regular package is $88 SGD. Payment can be made by Paypal (located at the upper right of my website). Upon confirmation of payment, work will begin.

      Please let me know which you would orefer. Thank you. 🙂

  • Loan

    Hi Stanley,

    Can you tell me if 2013 works for us for our wedding or 2014? Widow year kind of scares me, but I’m not sure which year works better for us.

    My birthday – 8/18/78
    His birthday – 2/1/60

    Thank you!

    • Stanley

      Hi Loan,

      If you had read my article on the Widow year, there’s a part that says “Most Date Selection masters do not even take a “Widow Year” into consideration when selecting an auspicious date for marrying as these years occur quite frequently. The impact of auspiciousness of the selected date on a person’s birth date is more important.” so don’t worry too much about it. 🙂

      By the way it is better for both of you to get married in 2013 as next year is not a good year for him to get married.

  • may

    I was born on May 25, 1986 and my fiance was December 8, 1981 is it lucky for us to continue our wedding this year? What will be the best date if we will continue our plan?

  • Shen

    We are planning to get married this year.
    Monkey groom dob 21/03/1980
    Monkey bride dob 01/12/1980
    Is 13 oct 2013 an auspicious date?

  • Annabelle

    I was born 02/06/78 and my partner 26/08/72. We are hoping to get married this year as his Mother is not well and we would like to try or a baby once married.
    Is this a good yer to get married?
    Many thanks

    • Stanley

      Hi Annabelle,

      Yes it is better for both of you to get married this year. 🙂

      • Annabelle

        Wonderful thanks! We are going for 14th of Sept for wedding and 15th for fun the next day. I hope this weekend is suitable
        Many Thanks for your help

  • Ines

    Hi Stanley,
    My boyfriend and I live together and want to get married this year. We have no picked a date yet but we wanted to just go to court and do it soon.
    My birthday is 2-5-1976.
    His is 7-31-1977
    Is this is good year for us to get married? If so, which date?

    Thanks. 🙂

  • Vince

    Hi Stanley. Will it be ok if I inquire your opinion about our wedding?

    Bride’s Birthday: March 18, 1987
    Grooms’ Birthday: January 1, 1986

    Target wedding day: May 18, 2013; afternoon

    Thank you

  • Rohan

    I am getting married o May 10th of this year my date of birth is 05-03-1984.
    And my fiancee date of birth is 20-01-1988, Do you think this is a good start in my life.

  • nisha

    i am planning to get married in the month of november 2013 we are not sure about the date yet,could you advise what would be a good date.
    bride (date of birth) : 23-04-1983
    grooms (date of birth) : 30-10-1984

    • Stanley

      Hi Nisha,

      Any of the Nov dates as listed are all generally good dates for geting married in. 🙂

  • nisha

    thankyou stanley 🙂

  • Sarah

    I am July 24, 1982 and my boyfriend is October 26, 1976—-Is October 12, 2013 a good day for us to get married?

  • Francis

    Hi Stanley,

    My fiance and I are planning to get married. Which is the best year for us (2013 or 2014)
    to get married based on our birthdates and what month and day.
    My birtdate: Nov.06, 1956 and her birthdate is: August 3, 1978.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


  • talissa

    is august 17, 2013 an ok day for wedding (bride born april 25, 1985 and groom born september 4, 1982)
    thank you

  • Sarah

    Dear Stanley,

    I am July 24, 1982 and he is Oct 26, 1976—-Is August 31 or August 30 a good day for us to marry?

  • SV


    I’m 30 Dec 1980 and he is 05 August 1982.
    I’m looking for a day in December. Is 21st December or 22nd December a good day for marriage?


  • Huong


    I want to get married on the 20th June 2013 (registry day) and wedding party on 23rd June 2013.

    We are both the year of the dog:
    Bride: 18/08/82
    Groom: 24/03/82

    Can you tell me if both dates are ok?

    Kind Regards

  • Ying


    Help! My fiancé is the sign of a snake and I am a sign of a dog is September 29th a good day for us to?? thanks you so much!!

  • Jan

    HI Stanley,

    We want to get married on Aug 18, 2013

    He is born Oct 18, 1976 (dragon)
    Mine is Sept 16, 1980 (monkey)

    Is is a good year to get married?

  • Elmo

    Is September 6, 2014 a good year to be married for two people in 1985?

    • Stanley

      Hi Elmo,

      2014 is not an ideal year for people born in 1985 to marry. Better if both of you can marry this year.



    Pls advise if 31-Oct-13 is auspicious for ROM/ wedding.
    His: 10-Feb-1986 (Tiger)
    Mine:08-Jul-1984 (Rat)


    • Stanley

      Hi SKYHIGH,

      Although 31/10/13 is good for weddings but it clashes with your animal sign thus making it inauspicious. I suggest choosing another more auspicious wedding date.

  • Dianne

    September 6,2013 is our wedding date. Bride was born March 19,1987 and the groom was March 8, 1985. Is it a good day and year to marry? If not what date is it?

  • Jen


    Need your advice to pick a month for ROM. I was thinking to register by Oct or Dec 2013. Will it be ok?

    bride (D.O.B.) : 15-09-1986
    groom (D.O.B) : 12-11-1985


  • Unemployed Bride

    I want to know does the birth time matter at all or just days when knowing when to marry. If we do two ceremonies for two types of religions and one reception, which ceremony counts as to the DATE of marriage because the two ceremonies will be done on different days. Thank you. Also bride is born April 25, 1980 at 4:08 pm Chicago time and Groom is born 1/22/1985 (time to be found) in DeKalb, Illinois. Thank you so much….what is 10 good dates to get married this year please? Thank you!

    • Stanley


      Although the birth time is not absolutely critical in selecting an auspicious wedding date, it would be good to have it. The only important wedding ceremony that matters is the civil wedding when both of you are made legally husband and wife when you sign on the matrimonial document. Religious wedding ceremonies are of secondary importance.

  • Susan

    Hi Stanley, my daughter is getting married on Fri. Aug. 30,2013 with ceremony starting at 2pm Pacific time. Her birthdate is July 16, 1985 around 6:30 pm in Ontario, Canada. The groom’s birthdate is April 10th, 1987 in BC Canada. Please let me know if this wedding, as planned, is destined for prosperity or hardships.

    • Stanley

      Hi Susan,

      Having wed on an auspicious wedding day does not automatically guarantee happiness and bliss but it does help make marriage life a lot smoother and the couple happier than, say, getting married on an average day or worst, inauspicious day. To really see if this marriage is “destined for prosperity or hardships” as you say, we need to look at the compatibility between their birth charts instead. And that is when the compatibility analysis is most useful as it not only shows where the potential troubles spots are but also offer suggestions and solutions to avoid them before they get out of hand.

      By the way, planned wedding date and time are not really ideal but still acceptable in a pinch.

  • Sue

    Stanley, I am curious as to past wedding dates. I was born sometime after 2pm in England on June 21, 1961 and my husband Dec. 30th in Canada. We were married on Oct. 22, 1983 at 2:30 pm (registry signed approx. an hour later). Was this an optimal year, date and time? What can I expect with my marriage going forward? Thank you

    • Stanley

      Hi Sue,

      I am sorry to inform you that neither the day nor the timing was good for getting married in. As to what you can expect with your marriage moving forward, then that will depend on what is revealed in your birth chart and that will require a thorough birth chart analysis.

  • Andrea

    Hi Stanley,

    I was born on 12 September 1986 at 4.59PM and my boyfriend on 8 December 1983 at around 12 noon. We would like to get married (ROM) on 9 September 2013. Is this a good year for us to get married and is this a good date?

    • Stanley

      Hi Andrea,

      Although I can understand the significance of choosing 9 Sept, it is not a good date for getting married according to Chinese date selection. It is also not a suitable year for your boyfriend to be married in 2013. Next year will be better for the both of you.

  • Andrea

    Thank you for your advice.

  • brittany

    my birthdate is 3/25/76 dragon
    his 4/4/1974 tiger

    is 2014 a bad year for him to marry

  • Irene Low

    Hi Stanley,

    Need your advise if 21 March, 2014 or 20 June, 2014 is a good date for our wedding please.

    Bride- 15 September 1979 (Goat)
    Groom- 2 February 1975 (Tiger)

    Thank you
    Irene (based in HK)

    • Stanley

      Hi Irene,

      The auspicious wedding dates provided on my site are free because they are generally suitable for everyone and only for one specific year. For specific wedding dates that are personally auspicious to you and your boyfriend, whether it is in 2013 or 2014 or even 2015, there is a token fee of S$88 for the service. Payment can be made by clicking on the Buy Now button located at the upper right corner of my website. Thank you. 🙂

  • Jeni

    Hi Stanley,

    may I know if this is a good year to get married?
    me = jan 20, 1981
    him = may 24, 1966

    if not pls give your recommendation as to when its better.
    thank you

    • Stanley

      Hi Jeni,

      Yes, both of you can get married in this year but it will be even better if you get married in an auspicious day. 🙂

  • Janie

    Hi Stanley,

    Can I check if there is a good date for us to get married in 1-7 December 2013? Small window (complicated…)
    Me: 14 Dec 1975
    Him: 4 March 1980

    Thank you so much x

    • Stanley

      Hi Janie,

      Dec 3-4 looks good. 🙂

      • Janie

        Thank you Stanley!

        It has moved now to 8-14 December (sorry … again, complicated!), and looking around the internet it leaves us with 13 Dec – is that right, do you think? Also, does the date only matter when it’s on the papers and we shouldn’t worry about it if say we only have a religious ceremony (not legal)? Thank you, sorry for these further questions, bless you x

        • Stanley

          Hi Janie,

          Dec 13th is a good date. It is better to have both the civil and religious weddings held on an auspicious date but the civil wedding date will always come first.

  • Ngai

    Hi Stanley –

    We want to sign the official marriage papers on November 22, 2013…and do the banquet function on November 24, 2013.

    The groom’s birthday is Feb 13, 1982. My birthday as the bride is Sept 12, 1982.

    Please advise if Nov 22 is a good day to sign the marriage papers. Please advise if Nov 24 is a good day to have a banquet.


    • Stanley

      Hi Ngai,

      Nov 22nd is a not good day for weddings plus it clashes with BOTH your birthdates. Postpone to another more auspicious date if possible. Nov 24th is ok for a wedding dinner.

      • Ngai

        Hi Stanley,

        Yes, I checked your website for auspicious dates to sign the marriage papers. It looks like Nov 21 is a good date. Can you confirm this is good date.

        Thanks so much for your help.


        • Stanley

          Hi Ngai,

          All the wedding dates listed on my site are all good/auspicious dates. The question is: which one is personally auspicious to you and your fiance? 🙂

          By the way, Nov 21 is a good date.

  • abraham


    we are planning to get married on august 3 2013,

    my birthdate is November 12 1984
    her birthdate is March 8 1987

    do we have a lucky date for our wedding?


  • Yesenia


    We are planning to get Married December 31 2013.

    My birthday is October 28 1980
    His is November 17 1971

    Is this a good date for us to get married?


  • carole


    I will appreciate it if you could please advise me whether 24/7/2013 between 2:00 and 3:00 would be a good date to get married.

    Bride: 1/1/1950
    Groom: 4/12/1940

    Many thanks


  • Joan

    Hi Stanley,

    I just read your article.

    Is it ok for us to marry in 30 Nov 2013, 25 Dec 2013, 1 Jan 2014 or 11 Jan 2014 if you said that 2013 Lunar is a “window year”.

    Here our detail:
    Groom: 28 September 1985 (cow)
    Bride: 28 January 1988 (rabit)

    Hence, is it ok if we get marry in 2014 where my sister would also be getting marry in 2014? Which mean there 2 wedding going on in my family?

    Please kindly advise. Thanks.

    • Stanley

      Hi Joan,

      Traditionally it is considered bad luck for siblings to marry in the same year. Just like the Widow Year, it too is a Chinese cultural taboo which has nothing to do with nor will affect Chinese Date Selection. Therefore it is fine and sometimes even desired to marry in a particular year, be it 2013 or 2014, if your birth dates are extremely compatible.

      • Joan


        So is 2013 or 2014 best for us to get marry? Please advise. Thanks

        • Stanley

          Hi Joan,

          2013 would be better.

          • Joan

            Hi Stanley,

            So you mean before the Lunar 2014, right?

            So will 1 Jan 2014 (lunar 1-12-2013) or 11 Jan 2014(lunar 11-12-2013) best for us? Or there other better date?

            Thanks for your guidance.

          • Stanley

            Hi Joan,

            Yes, so long as it is before 4th Feb 2014. You can use either dates but as to which is better or whether there are other even better dates, I would not know until you engaged me to find out. 🙂

  • Jho

    Dear Stanley,

    Good Evening! I have a question and I want my answer in private so if you can send it to my e-mail add, I will appreciate it very much. I plan to get married on July 11,2013, I want to know if this is a good day to get married? I was born in the year of a tiger July 10,1962 and my partner is born under the year of the rat April 2,1972. Is July 11,2013 ok for us to get marry?

    Thank you…!


  • Jane

    Dear Stanley,

    Just wanted to know if 26/01/2014 is a good day to get married. Groom birthday 24/10/1979 and bride’s birthday is 21/05/1981? Thank you

    • Stanley

      Hi Jane,

      I would not deem it a good day but still usable if there are no other choice. There are better ones. 🙂

  • Iveth

    Dear Stanley,

    What is a good year to get marry?. Groom bday 4/1/1988 and Bride’s 3/13/1987? Thank You

  • joan

    Hi, we had choose 25jan14. Is it good for us?
    And like to check, chinese taboo cannot attend 婚丧喜庆…does chinese new year conside as 1??

    • Stanley

      Hi Joan,

      Chinese New Year is classified under 庆.

      • Joan

        Hi Stanley,

        We had decide to sign the Paper on 25-Sept-2013 & have our traditional wedding on 25-Jan-2014. Is it a good advisable dates for us?
        Goom-2-be = OX born in 28-Sept-1985
        Bride-2-be = Rabbit born in 28-Jan-1988


  • Missy

    Hi Stanley, I’m a rabbit (1963) and he is a tiger (1962). Both on our second marriage. Is it lycky to sign papers on 8/8/13? Thank you…

  • Alex

    Hi, we are planning on 8/8/13. I’m a rooster 03/27/1969 and she is a sheep 10/30/1979. Will that date work?

  • lenlen

    hi stanley… i was born 12/14/88 and my husband is 9/14/82 is it a good year for us to get marry? were choosing dec2013..

    • Stanley

      Hi Lenlen,

      Yes, it is a good year and month. 🙂

      • lenlen

        Hi stanley my boyfriend and i cant make it this 2013. so we decided to move it next year 2014 we are not decided for the month yet… Can i know what are the good month for our wedding nextyear…:-)pls thank u

  • Maureen

    Hi Stanley,

    I really got worried on d widow year of 2013.. :'(
    Kindly check if these is a good time to tie the knots

    Groom: July 5, 1981 rooster
    Bride: Oct. 13, 1982 dog
    Wedding Date: Dec. 8 or 15, 2013

    Is this a good year for us or shall we move it to 2014??..


    • Stanley

      Hi Maureen,

      Dec 8 2013 is a better choice and either year is fine for the both of you to get married. 🙂

  • badz

    hello is august 17,2013 is good wedding date for us? if not what month or date will be the best choice?thanks 🙂

  • Belle

    My birthday is on 1-7-1984
    My bf birthday is on 16-12-1981
    We wish to hold rom on 16-12-2013 or 8-12-2013 or 21-12-2013
    Which date is prefer and is it a good date for rom?
    Our first choice is 16th of dec 2013


  • Cha

    Hi Stanley!

    Accdg to some sites, 2013 is not a good year for a person born under the year of the pig to get married. But due to some circumstances, we need an ASAP wedding this July or perhaps August this year. Here are our chosen dates: July 30 or August 8. August falls under the lunar month. What do you think is the best day between the two and what time? It is my boyfriend’s off from work, that’s why we prefer Tuesdays. If not from the 2, do you have any suggested dates withing July and August 1st week? Thanks so much. You will be of great help.

    Birthdate Bride: 03.21.1983 (pig)
    Groom: 04.03.1985 (ox)

    • Stanley

      Hi Cha,

      You are correct that ideally those born under the year of the Pig shouldn’t marry this year plus the Hungry Ghost Month starts on Aug 7th so you might not want to get married in August unless you can get a very auspicious wedding date.

  • eglee

    good evening is December 26 a good day for us to get married my DOB 9/29/1980 his is 03/31/1973.
    Please advise thank you

  • Wendy

    I am 4/25/70. He is 12/8/73. What are good dates for us? We were thinking June 8th 2013

  • Leah

    Hi Stanley,

    My fiance and I are planning to sign the papers to get marry this year.
    He is born on 28-Feb-1985 (ox) and I’m born on 23-Feb-1984 (rat).
    Is 9-Sep-2013 or 28-Oct-2013 a good date to get married?



  • Bea


    Our initial civil wedding plan was August 24, 2013. Is it more safe to move it on Sept 8, 2013 since August was said to be a ghost month?

    Btw, we also plan to have a church wedding on June 28, 2014.

    Our birthdays are Feb 9. 1980 and Sept. 24, 1987.

    Please advise!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Stanley

      Hi Bea,

      It is ok to wed on August 24th but even better during Sept 8th and it is not because of the ghost month as I doubt you will be affected over in California. 🙂

  • Kat

    Hi Stanley,

    My fiance wants to get married sometime in October this year. My birthday is 10/1/1961 and his is 7/7/1964. what is your recommendation?
    Thank you!!


  • Sovannary

    We are planning to get married on December 8, 2013. Is it a good day for us?

    Our birthdays are December 8, 1983 and September 6, 1984.

    Please advise! Many thanks in advance.

  • Anna

    I know this website is for wedding. I kept looking through google, but I cannot find an answer.
    Maybe you can help me.

    2014 has the number 14 which is not good for Chinese. I was wondering if that means 2014 is not a good year at all for any life event, such as baby born into that year^

    • Stanley

      Hi Anna,

      Actually only the number 4 is considered to be a taboo number for the Chinese as it sounds the same as “die” in Chinese. 14 sounds like “sure die” only in Cantonese but not in Mandarin. Anyway, they are all traditional old wives’ beliefs (like friday 13th in the west, for example) and has no effect whatsoever on whether 2014 is lucky or not. If you really want to know whether a baby born into 2014 is lucky in life or not, we’ll have to examine its birth chart as a whole. Meaning the year, month, day and hour it was born into. Hope that answers your question. 🙂

      • Anna

        Thanks Stanley. Actually, for 2014, horse year, any lucky month from June and after? Since i cannot predict the day and hour, maybe with the month that’ll be a good start..!

        • Stanley

          Hi Anna,

          Why go through the uncertainty of predicting the auspicious month, day or hour when you can easily skip the hassle and comfortably get it professionally and properly selected for you for just $88 SGD? 🙂

  • Rob

    Hi Stanley
    I am a water tiger born in 1962 my girlfrien is a metal pig born Feb 2 of 1972. Myself June 3. We are planning on getting married Dec 8 2013. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.

    • Stanley

      Hi Rob,

      Although Dec 8th is a good day for getting married, personally for you it is not. Please consider choosing another date. 🙂

  • Sukh

    Hi Stanley
    Me and my girlfriend get in relationship in 2011. We tried to get married but suddenly we are going through too many problems and our plan delay year by year please help me what should I do?
    My dob is 04/05/82
    My gf dob is 12/02/89

    • Stanley

      Hi Sukh,

      Both of you should be able to get married in 2014 without too much difficulty. I suspect 2012 is more difficult for you while 2013 is more diffcult for your gf. 🙂

  • Irene


    We’re planning to get married this year, December 2013.
    Can you suggest a good date for us?
    Bride: May 24, 1983 (Pig)
    Groom: Feb. 02, 1982 (Dog)

    Hope you can help me.

    Thanks and More Power to you!

  • mhean

    hi stanley
    good day

    where planning to get married this 08 december 2013,
    my birthday is 12/12/1988(dragon)
    and my groom birthday is 12/12/1985(ox)

    is our date of married good for us..

    thank you and more power

  • Narender

    Hey Stanley,
    Am going to marry a girl on 25th Nov, 2013. Its calculated by an priest. My name is Narender Singh and Her name is Rekha Verma. My date of birth is 21 April, 1992 and her date of birth is 25 feb, 1989….

    Please tell me if the date 25 nov 2013 is auspicious for us…

    Thanks & Regards

  • Narender

    Hi Stanley,

    Its my arrange marriage going to be happen on 25th Nov 2013…. My Name is NARENDER SINGH, dob 21 April, 1992…. And Her name is REKHA VERMA, dob 25 Feb, 1989.
    Please tell me if the date 25th nov 2013 is good or not for my marriage… I am waiting eagerly for your reply….

    Thanx so much,

  • mhean

    Thank u for asking my question it’s realy help a lot.:-)
    But one more thing how about december. 14 2013 is this a good date for us.

  • Brenda

    I’m conflicted as to the date to marry as we’ve been dating for quite some time. I’m a cancer (07/21/70) and he is a tiger (02/05/62) it will be a quiet ceremony in our home. The date that keeps coming to mind is December 25, 2013. Is this a good date? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you Stanley

  • vinoddh

    hi stanely my name is vinoddh & my would be name is date of birth is 03-08-1984.and her dob is 30-05-1989.we are palnned to get married on dec 28 it is good date for marraiage.plz suggest good dates.

  • Jean

    hi can i just ask if 29 mar 2014 could be a good date for solemnisation? Im 8th July 1984, bf is 30th July 1985..otherwise, is there any other good dates for solemnisation and wedding? kindly advise pls, thank you very very much ^^

    • Stanley

      Hi Jean,

      29 Mar 2014 is not a good day for solemnisation. You can select from any of the auspicious wedding dates as listed on my site but if you would like a wedding date that is chosen according to you and your boyfriend’s birthdate, then there is a token fee of $88 SGD for the service. 🙂

  • Ava

    Hi Stanley, my fiancé and I were looking to get married next year, Oct 19. Is it a good date for marriage? Many thanks 🙂

    • Stanley

      Hi Ava,

      Oct 19 2014 is not a good day for geting married. You may want to choose another relatively more auspicious weddign date from the list here or better yet, consider getting your wedding date properly and professionally selected according to you and your fiance’s birth dates for a perfect wedding with long term benefits. 🙂

  • Please help. I want to marry my partner of 16 years but i am worried i may choose the wrong date. I have canceled twice already as it made me so anxious. My dob is 25/05/1982 and my bf is 23/06/1971. I dont dont weather to marry on 03/09/2016 as i like the weekend date but im terrified of the widow year. Or 20/09/2017. I dont know if this is auspicious for us and it seems so far away. Please please help. I feel i have let my children down by not marrying their father sooner.

    • Stanley

      Hi Lisa,

      I can appreciate your concerns but kindly understand the free service I provide is only for the year 2015. If you really want to know about whether thee dates in 2016 or 2017 are suitable or not you will have to engage my Date Selection services professionally. By the way, the so-called widow-year is just a term used when there is no Lichun or first-day-of-Spring. It will not really make you a widow if you chose to marry in 2016. Just so you know, almost every other year is a widow-year. 🙂