Auspicious Dates For Moving Into A New Home or Office In 2014

Date Selection is an old ancient practice that began (perhaps even before) in the Han Dynasty (206BC to 220AD) with many historical texts containing references to the use of date selection in military warfare and state matters.

Date Selection, to sum it up, is about going with the flow with the Universe and the Cosmos, the cyclical concept of time and energy. The concept is easy to understand – the objective of date selection is to carry out an activity at a point in time when the Universe’s energies are supportive of, or are optimized for that event. Application of date selection also helps with getting things done more efficiently and effectively! When you move into a new property, you are also carrying that day’s energy (hopefully it is personally auspicious) into your new home or office to settle and remain. And because you are more than likely going to spend long periods of time in either one, it is all the more important to make sure that the energy inside is a totally supportive and harmonious one. :)

So to help you bring good fortune and harmony into your new premises, these are the auspicious dates for moving into a new home or office, for the year 2014:


January – 10, 13, 14

February – 3, 4, 5

March – 1, 5, 7, 17, 19, 29, 31

April – 3, 16, 25

May – 10, 14, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27

June – 3, 17, 18, 26, 29, 30

July – 7, 12, 19, 27, 31

August – 1, 6, 14, 15, 19, 29

September – 9, 13, 19, 21

October – 1, 3, 6, 14, 16, 18, 26, 28

November – 6, 9, 10, 15, 16, 19, 20, 29

December – 4, 8, 15, 20, 27

 * Note that these dates are GENERAL AND GENERIC in nature (read: good enough, if you are not too particular)– and are not yet fine-tuned to suit your birth chart and does not yet include the fine-tuning of auspicious hours. Also, what is important, is NOT when your furniture (with the exception of the bed if you are a newly married couple) goes in. The key focus is on the very FIRST night you spend in your new home.


As you and your family will be spending at least some years in the house, even if it is a rented one, it is very important that a very auspicious date and hour be chosen according to the birthdates and birth times of all the family members staying there. This is to ensure that the energies you bring into the house on the first day is lucky and harmonious for everyone as this will set the overall luck and harmony within the house. In my experience doing date selection consultations, choosing a wrong day and a wrong time can cause extreme unhappiness within the family with lots of quarrels and bickering, just weeks after moving into the new house. There are even cases where some family members are choosing to stay late outside of the house or finding excuses to get out of the house again after just coming back.

So please consider choosing a properly selected date and time for the total harmony, overall happiness and peace of mind for everyone in the family.


Now for the not-so-fun part…

All the auspicious dates above are provided as a free service and it is fine if you want to check whether the date (singular) you already picked to move is auspicious or not but please refrain from asking me what is the best or most ideal move-in date or what are the good dates in 2015, etc. Also, kindly avoid fishing for dates with multiply choices (I will just pick a date from the list above) or multiple posts or wait until the last minute to ask for the best move-in date. All of these posts will end up in the trash unanswered. :(

If you really want to know what is the ideal day and time that is both harmonious and lucky for the whole family in any given month or range of months, the fee is only $88 SGD. Kindly email for more details. Thank you. :)

27 comments to Auspicious Dates For Moving Into A New Home or Office In 2014

  • Caroline

    Thank you for these auspicious dates! I am presuming these days can be applied in our calendar here, Eastern time (United States of America) I appreciate your feedback on this. Best-

  • Chuah Chooi Lean

    Could you please let me know the auspicious day and time for moving into new house in Jan 2014?

  • could you please let me know what is the auspicous date ang time for moving into a new house in march 2014. Thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Macro,

      You can choose from any of the March and April moving-in dates from this link: but if you are looking for a personally auspicious date and time for you and your family to move into your new house, then there is a token fee of $88 SGD that can be paid by clicking on the Auspicious Date Selection Method Buy Now button located at the upper right corner of my site. Thank you. :)

  • maria

    hi, have you Guys read my post last 2 weeks ago about me moving in to a old Apartment this april.? i wote when and time me and my husbands birthday. i am willing to pay just dont know how and where. One thing more, i am also confused about the directions where to put all chinese good luck signs…should i place it facing North or just place it on the North side but facing West???. please reply cause april is just around the corner. have a nice day. maria

  • Cindy lee

    Hi. I need advice if 2 1mar is auspicioys to move new home. I m dog sign n husband is horse. our twogals are borne under rat n pig sign
    pls advise. thanks

  • Dada

    I would like to know the auspicious time we can move in to a new house this April 3, 2014. I am willing to pay for a fee since its only weeks from today. Can you let me know how can I do that please?


    • Stanley

      Hi Dada,

      You can click on the “Buy Now” button located at the upper right corner of my blog site, together with your birth date (and birth time, if possible) plus those of other family members staying with you in the new house. Thank you. :)

  • Aj

    hi guys,does anybody read my msg….we plan to move into a new house on april 11 is it suitable for us this date?i was born in the sign of rat my husband born in the sign of horse my son was born in the sign of tiger…plssss reply and advise me.thank you

    • Stanley

      Hi AJ,

      April 11th is not a good day for moving into a new house. It happens to be a Year Breaker Day which typically not suitable for major activities like moving house. I recommend picking another more auspicious date.

  • Princess

    Hi, Can you please help me when is the auspicous date for ground breaking this april 2014? My mom’s birthdate oct. 7, 1958, dad feb. 13, 1959, my sister jan 10, 1985, mine april 18, 1990. thank you

  • rechelle

    Hi AJ,

    Were planning to move in our new house on April 18. I’m year of the horse my husband is year of the rabbit. Pleas let reply and give me some advise.
    Thank you so much and God Bless you more

  • Rechelle

    Thank you for your fast response. God Bless

  • rechelle

    Hi Stanley Tan,

    I jut paid through paypal what will be the next step!

  • Yumi

    Hi Stanley,

    Thank you for this useful information. May I ask what is the auspicious time to move into a new home on April 16 if one’s birthday is September 16, 1976. Thank you very much for your help.

  • Teresa

    I am planning to move to a new condo this May. My daughter and I are both Monkey signs. I am a Fire Monkey and she is a Water Monkey. What is a good date to move this May 2014? Thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Teresa,

      You can select from any of the May move-in dates as listed on my blog site or you can click on the “Buy Now” button located at the upper right side of my blog site to get a properly chosen and personally auspicious move-in date and time based strictly according to you and your family’s birth dates. :)

  • Mia

    Hi Stanley,

    We have picked 30 Apr 2014 to move to our new house. Pls advise if this. Is an auspicious date for my family – my husband (dob 19 Nov 1967), myself ( 26 Oct 1965), and 2 sons (17 Sep 1993 & 21 Jul 1995)? Can you suggest one if the date chosen is not a good date for shifting? We have to move by early May. Thanks!!!

    • Stanley

      Hi Mia,

      Let’s just say for all intent and purposes, Apr 30th is not a good day for moving into a new home. Please select from any of the free April/May auspicious dates posted here or you can click on the “Buy Now” button located at the upper right side of my blog site to get a properly chosen and personally auspicious move-in date and time based strictly according to you and your family’s birth dates. :)

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