The 5 Most Common Methods To Avoid Bad Feng Shui

遮, 挡, 化, 斗, 避.

These are the 5 most common methods of countering and avoiding negative or bad feng shui of a property or location, regardless of what school or lineage a feng shui practitioner hails from.


遮 (zhe) – To cover. This is the easiest method when you use something . . . → Read More: The 5 Most Common Methods To Avoid Bad Feng Shui

On Missing Corners and Weakened Sectors

In Feng Shui, normally when we purchase a property we would like it to be as rectangular or as squarish as possible, without any missing corners or look like a piece of irregular-shaped jigsaw puzzle.

This is to make sure that the Qi within the property is as “complete” as possible. Look at . . . → Read More: On Missing Corners and Weakened Sectors

Changing the Luck of Your House

Whilst I am not one to advocate changing the natal (original) luck of a property, I am concerned about the advice given by some feng shui practitioners.

Within the same month I have 3 friends coming to verify some advice given by feng shui practitioners about changing the Period of house*. One said . . . → Read More: Changing the Luck of Your House

Oh Baby, Baby.

This is for the mommies and daddies who had been trying very hard to fullfil their baby dreams and their parents are starting to tap their foot wondering what’s taking so long, could try Fertility Feng Shui to help move things along.

Yes, surprise, surprise. Feng Shui can also help in baby-making.

. . . → Read More: Oh Baby, Baby.

Cubicle Feng Shui revisited

After blogging a bit about Office Feng Shui some 2 months back, I got many requests asking to put up the calculations for easy reference. So here it is:

Gua Calculation for males:

First take your year of birth and reduce the numbers to a single digit.

eg. If you are born on the . . . → Read More: Cubicle Feng Shui revisited

Determining the Facing Direction of a Property

We all know the each house or property has a front and a back (well, duh…).

But with modern architectural designs nowadays one would sometimes be hard pressed to tell where front begins and the back ends. In feng shui, before anything can proceed, 2 things must be determined:

1) The facing direction of . . . → Read More: Determining the Facing Direction of a Property

Symbolic Feng Shui

Just gave a talk on introductory feng shui and the question asked most often was “What’s the difference between symbolic feng shui and classical feng shui?”.

Here’s the short version: Classical feng shui achieves harmony and balance by manipulating or managing the existing Qi in a house or a given location while symbolic feng . . . → Read More: Symbolic Feng Shui

Cubicle Feng Shui

Apart from doing audits for the residential and the commercial, I’ve came across several requests from clients to use feng shui to improve their office area, namely their work cubicles. Regardless of whether your cubicle is surrounded by 3 panels or the open-concept version, you can still improve your work relationships with your . . . → Read More: Cubicle Feng Shui

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