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Pure Classical Feng Shui was founded by Stanley Tan. A classical feng shui practitioner by training. Since 2004 Stanley had successfully helped many reach their goals and aspirations. Be it optimal love compatibility, better health, choosing the correct career direction or just plain prosperity and good fortune.

You will find his approach logical and easy to implement but more importantly, effective. Since 2004 he had learned from many masters, both well-known and low profiled. Stanley had harmonized and enhanced the feng shui of residences, businesses (one of which was a breakfast-only restaurant in a highly competitive location who made profits within the first 3 months of opening and had since opened 2 more similar restaurants all in the same region) and upgraded the lives of individuals with personal destiny analysis through both Chinese and Western Astrology.

With feng shui, more specifically, he uses a blend of classical San Yuan and San He feng shui methods to realistically and practically help his clients get what they desire. Stanley does occasionally organizes workshops but often hold talks for organizations and corporate entities when he’s not busy with serving his clients one-to-one where he creates the most value and impact.