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About This San Niang Sha 三娘煞 and Wedding Days

Legend has it that sometime long ago in ancient China, there is this stunningly beautiful girl named San Niang (三娘). She was hell-bent on getting married but for some reason or other, she offended the God of Marriages, Yue Lao (月老) who decided not to match-make her to anyone so she could not get married no matter what for the rest of her life. So angered, she swore bitter revenge and determined to cause trouble and break-up any new marriages she comes across. Thus the term San Niang Sha (三娘煞) was born. It was later said, 犯“三娘煞”的日子不是结婚吉日。每月“三娘煞”之日,即初三、初七、十三、十八、廿二、廿七,不宜结婚. Translated meaning, On days of San Niang Sha it is not auspicious for marriage. Every lunar month during the 3rd, 7th, 13th, 18th, 22nd and 27th, it is not suitable for marrying.

Actually there are known to be 2 versions of San Niang Sha days. One set is fake while the other set is real. The first set of dates listed above is supposedly the fake one but no one is willing to test the theory with their own happiness so they rather avoid getting married in these dates, just in case.

The real San Niang Sha days are said to be:

Any 3rd lunar day that also happens to be a Geng-Wu 庚午 day

Any 7th lunar day that also happens to be a Xin-Wei 辛未 day

Any 13th lunar day that also happens to be a Wu-Shen 戊申 day

Any 18th lunar day that also happens to be a Ji-You 己酉 day

Any 22nd lunar day that also happens to be a Bing-Wu 丙午 day

Any 27th lunar day that also happens to be a Ding-Wei 丁未 day

So effectively, there are only 6 days out of  a whole year that can be truly be called San Niang Sha days so the chances of getting married in one is really relatively slim.

But having said all that, be it for a wedding day or any other major event, San Niang Sha days, along with a whole bunch of other inauspicious days born of Chinese folklore, are not seriously taken into consideration by Feng Shui or Date Selection practitioners when choosing an auspicious day. 🙂

14 comments to About This San Niang Sha 三娘煞 and Wedding Days

  • Nancy

    Omg!We got married March 18,1989.
    Maybe thats the reason why we are always having difficulties in life?And the worst thing… He’s cheating me.

    • Stanley

      Hi Nancy,

      I seriously doubt your problems are due to the San Niang Sha. You may want to check your house feng shui though.

  • Nancy

    Yes pls.But how?

    • Stanley

      Hi Nancy,

      You might want to consider doing an off-site feng shui audit of your house unless you want to fly me over to where you are. 🙂

      Or you may want to do a compatibility analysis to see where are things going wrong and how to amend them based on both your birth charts?

  • Nancy

    Maybe the option?

  • Nancy

    I’ll wait.

  • Sandra

    Im trying to locate the Auspicious wedding dates for 2014 on your website, where can I find them?

    • Stanley

      Hi Sandra,

      The list for auspicious wedding dates for 2014 will not be out until late Nov or early Dec 2013. Please note that even if they are available now they will just be generally auspicious for weddings without the consideration of individual birthdates. 🙂

  • Hazel Valdez

    My fiancee and I are planning to get married this December 2013 or early of January 2014. I was born on April 20, 1971 year of the pig. While my fiancee was born on April 26, 1972 year of the rat. Our pick dates are either one of these dates. Dec. 25, Jan. 4 or Jan. 11. What’s the auspicious date for us to get married. Pls. help us.

  • BB


    Besides Marriage should not be on San Niang Sha, may I know if people whose bazi or who are born on San Niang Sha days, would their lives be affected?

    Is their bazi considered inauspicious?

    • Stanley

      Hi Bebee,

      That depends on what your definition of ‘inauspicious’ is. In this instance I will take it to mean ‘unlucky’. Whether a person’s bazi would be considered ‘unlucky’ would depend very much on the bazi as a whole and which area of this person’s life are we taliking about. It is very rare that a person’s bazi is ‘inauspicious’ or ‘unlucky’ in every aspect of his life. So to answer your first question, if considering only the aspect of people born on San Niang Sha days, no it should not affect their marriage.