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Are You Currently Feeling Stagnated In Life And Want To Have Better Control Of Where You Are Heading?


Angry that you always tend to make the “wrong” decisions in life? Feeling somewhat lost and directionless? Suspicious that “there’s got to be more to life than this”? Or just having the feeling of being “stuck” and don’t know where to move next?

Where you are now today in life, is the direct cumulative result of the choices you have made in the past, based on the experiences you have had.

Every sign and every planetary placement in your astrological birth chart has an energy that may express itself constructively or destructively, depending on where you are, at that moment in time. And from there good and bad decisions are made, leading you down to a completely different path if life. Those decisions are by no means predestined but your innate tendency to choose one over the other. Like your predisposition to be attracted to abusive men or trusting the wrong type of people (even after multiple painful lessons) and then lamenting that God must not like you very much.

If you don’t know yourself and if you don’t understand yourself, you are “fated” to act according to your internal instincts and that’s how your life’s experiences have conditioned you.

Astrology shows you how you are wired up internally, temperamentally and can highlight unconsciously automatic knee-jerk reactions, which very often make existing problems worse. Without knowing who you are, you will not have the confidence but a hard time finding our where you should be heading for your own success and happiness.

Knowing and understanding yourself can allow you to make informed Free Will choices and help you create a better and more successful future for yourself (and indirectly for those around you).


To know thyself is the beginning of Wisdom. – Socrates


Order your Complete Personal Astrological Profile today, for only $88 SGD. And the best thing is, we will answer your questions pertaining to your profile report as often as you have questions for as long as you need.


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