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Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2014


Of the most important events in one’s life, getting married is undoubtedly one of them.

The right timing, for a long term commitment like marriage,  is very critical to ensure that the date and hour chosen are compatible to the birth dates of BOTH the bride and the groom. This is to make sure that on this important day the energies surrounding the happy couple are at the most auspicious and harmonious for them personallyand will follow them throughout as they begin their new life together as husband and wife bringing them happiness, harmony and good fortune!

These are the auspicious dates for weddings in the year 2014 – please note the emphasis is on the Registry Of Marriage date (or the date you choose to sign the wedding papers).

Note also that these dates are GENERAL AND GENERIC in nature (read: good enough, if you are not too particular)– and are not yet fine tuned to suit your birth chart and does not yet include the fine-tuning of auspicious hours.

Jan – 14, 26

Feb – 3, 4, 16, 25, 28

Mar – 1, 7, 13, 19

Apr – 3, 8, 16

May – 2, 10, 14, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 30

Jun – 3, 6, 8, 14, 20, 24, 29

Jul – 2, 6, 7, 11, 12, 19, 23, 31

Aug – 1, 6, 14, 15, 19, 26, 29

Sep – 3, 7, 9, 15, 19, 21

Oct – 1, 6, 14, 23, 26

Nov – 4, 6, 9, 10, 15, 16, 19, 28, 29

Dec – 4, 8, 11, 20, 23, 27


All the auspicious dates above are provided free but if you want the most ideal and auspicious wedding date chosen according to you and your partner’s birth date, it will naturally require fine-tuning work. Kindly email us at to enquire about our fees and services as we also provide Specific Date and Time Selection for marriages as well as other important occasions. Kindly note that we use multiple modalities to help ensure that the dates selected are very auspicious for this lovely occasion!


Now for the not-so-fun part…

It is fine if you want to check whether the date (singular) you already picked to get married in is auspicious or not but please refrain from asking me what is the best or most ideal date to get married  or what are the good dates in 2015, etc. (unless you are really serious in wanting to know as that will involve a consultantion fee) Also, kindly avoid fishing for dates with multiply choices  or posts (I will just pick a date from the list above) or wait until the last week of the month and then asking me for the ideal wedding date in that month. All of these posts will end up in the trash unanswered. :(

If you seriously want to know what is the most ideal wedding date for you in any given year, please choose from either one of the two wedding date selection packages available, located at the upper right corner of this page. Thank you. 🙂


Photo above – “Wedding rings” by Jeff Belmonte from Cuiabá, Brazil – Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

223 comments to Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2014

  • scoobydoo

    Hi Stanley,
    We are planning to have our renewal of vows this May 20, 2014.
    Is the day auspicious for a rabbit (Jan. 11, 1988) and dragon (Jan. 1, 1988) couple?
    Kindly advise. Happy New Year! Thank you!

    • Stanley


      Yes, it is a good day and by the way, both of you are born in the year of the Rabbit. 🙂

      • scoobydoo

        Sir Stanley,
        Sorry, I made a typo error, my wife’s birthday is Jan 1, 1989 (dragon). That would still make the day auspicious right? Thank you and more power! 🙂

  • Jay ar

    Hi sir:
    Just want to ask if it’s ok to get married on oct 26 2014?
    Groom : Jan 25 1980
    Bride : Feb 14 1985


  • Michael

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know if April 5th, 2014 (Saturday) is a good day to get married. If not, what can we do to protect ourselves from bad luck?
    Groom: birthdate-Jan. 09, 1979
    Bride: birthdate-July 07, 1983

    Thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Michael,

      5th April is not exactly a good day for marriage for you and there is no effective way to protect from “bad” luck except by avoiding getting married on that day altogether or by religious means. Date selection-wise, if you can’t change the date, then at least try to get married during personally auspicious hours.

  • Abby

    Hi! I would like to know if MAY 10, 2014 is good for our wedding? Thank you.

    Bride: March 21, 1980 – Monkey
    Groom: November 7, 1978 – Horse

  • Eve

    Hihi, is 5.30pm on 1 Mar 14 good for the groom (24 Oct 86) and bride (18 Jan 85)?

  • Dieter

    Hi Stanley

    My girl friend (weak yin Metal Horse) and my self (weak yin Earth Ox) are almost 12 years together now, with ups and downs, but in a stable relation.
    we would like to marry this year.
    could you give us advice since we are, according to fengshui quite incompatible?
    thanks in advance for your support!

    • Stanley

      Hi Dieter,

      Sure you can marry this year. But it will be even better if you can choose and marry on a personally auspicious day at a personally auspicious time. I am curious why you say both of you are incompatibility, feng shui-wise? Did someone analyzed both your birth charts for mutual compatibility before? For the sake of discussion, even if it is true that both of you are incompatible, feng shui-wise, do you know which aspects of your characters and personalities are you causing your incompatibility and why? Plus you guys had been together for 12 years. If there are really any issues they are more than likely already smoothed out or accepted by now. 🙂

  • Reyna

    Hi Stanley!

    I would like to know if April 28,2014 is a perfect day to get married. Groom October 26,1985 (ox) bride march 4,1984 (rats)

    • Stanley

      Hi Reyna,

      28th April although is not a perfect day, it is still a usable day for marriage. But if getting married on a perfect day (that is personally auspicious for both of you) is very important, then I recommend getting it properly selected by choosing one of the 2 auspicious wedding date selection choices that suits you best. 🙂

  • Winnie Wan

    Hi Stanley,

    I just got to know 06 Sep 2014(Lunar 13th) is not a good day for wedding but we have already booked the banquet one year ago and our ROM will be on the same day too.
    As the date had already set for customary, please advise should i change the ROM date or to get married on the same day with our auspicious hours?

    Groom – 16th Oct 1979
    Bride – 12th Dec 1984

    • Stanley

      Hi Winnie,

      Unless you cannot change the ROM date for whatever reason, the next best thing is to get married on a personally auspicious timing. It will be the best option to get married on a personally auspicious wedding date that is chosen according to you and fiance’s birth dates. 🙂

  • shay

    hi my fiance and i are planning to get married this december either by the 24th or 27th.i was born in november 12,1987 at 11am (GMT+08) and he was born june 29,1992.whatdo you think is the best date for us?thank you

  • shay

    hi again stanley,
    i forgot to ask for your advice to make our relationship become stronger and make everyday like it was the first day we fell in love with each other specially that we are about to get married and i want the marriage to last a lifetime.cause sometimes our issues starts because of our differences because im more of a home buddy and prefer staying on my comfort zone and he’s like more of the outgoing and adventurous.
    thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Shay,

      To make your relationship “become stronger and make everyday like it was the first day we fell in love and i want the marriage to last a lifetime” as you said, the secret is open and honest communication and mutual accommodation between your needs and wants and his needs and wants. The marriage needs BOTH of you to work at maintaining it. Feng shui is like a car to help you get to your destination faster and safer but you STILL need to drive the car to get there. 🙂

  • rachel

    Hi stanley,

    Were Planning to get married also this december either 17 or 26 at 2pm or 4pm. I was born September 30, 1990(horse) and my fiance was born June 10, 1986 (Tiger). what do you think is the best date and time for us? Please advise. 🙂 Thanks 🙂

    • Stanley

      Hi Rachel,

      Both are not good dates for getting married but if you have no other choice then at least Dec 17th is relatively better.

  • tyao

    Hi Stanley,
    Wanna know if Nov 15 or 16 this year (2014) is a good wedding day for:
    Groom: October 13, 1974 (tiger)
    Bride: December 19, 1978 (horse)
    Any other better wedding day in Oct-Nov-Dec 2014 for tiger-horse combination?

    • Stanley

      Hi Tyao,

      Both days are suitable as a wedding day for the both of you but to know for sure which day between Oct-Dec 2014 is the best and most auspicious date and time that is totally personally auspicious, you will only need to click on the round orange button located on the upper right of the website to find out. 🙂

  • cyle

    Hi Stanley!

    This is actually my first time to comment on any online article like this one.
    I really hope you could answer my question 🙂

    Me and my partner would like to get married this last week of march or 1st week
    of april.

    I am a virgo born on August 27, 1985 and my partner is a Sagittarius born on December 4, 1984.
    Can you suggest the specific date for our wedding?

    Thank you very much 🙂

    • Stanley

      Hi Cyle,

      If you would like am auspicious, specifically chosen wedding date based accordingly to you and your fiance’s birthdays, please choose your preferred Auspicious Date Selection Method and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button located at the upper right corner of the webpage. Thank you. 🙂

  • Cha


    I am getting married this year on August 21, 2014. Would like to know if this is a good date for us or if we should pick a different date in August. Groom is 07.29.68 and I’m 03.03.85. Thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Cha,

      August 21st is not a good day for getting married as it happened to be a Year Breaker Day which is typically not suitable for weddings.

  • KHL


    Are Oct. 4, 2014 or Nov. 15, 2014 a good day for us?
    Groom: 11/3/1985
    Bride: 1/14/1986

    Thank you!

  • Elezabeth

    Hi Stanley,
    can i know my wedding date 27th and 29th December 2014 is it good for wedding day?

    groom: 01/09/1989
    bride: 20/01/1990

    thank you very much 🙂

  • josea

    i m planning to be married in june 21st, 2014
    me (january 29, 1980) him (april 5th, 1973)
    is it a good day?
    thank you

    • Stanley

      Hi Josea,

      June 21st is not a good day for getting married. I seriously recommend choosing another more auspicious date.

  • Tiffany

    Hi Stanley,
    I have chosen November 9 2014 as my wedding date as I saw in a book that it is a Auspicious date. But upon buying another book, I saw that it is not stated as a auspicious date for wedding. And upon researching online, dates provided by others did not include Nov 9 as a auspicious date for wedding. There is even another website stating Nov 9 2014 is a bad day for Wedding. Any advice on this?

    • Stanley

      Hi Tiffany,

      This is a very common mistake many people make when they try to compare dates between different sources as they are not comparing apples to apples because of differences in 1) criteria used to qualify what is auspicious or not & 2) methods used to arrive at the dates. Personally I suggest using the “free” information available in books or the internet only as a guideline as they are, in the end, generic in nature since they do not take you nor your fiance’s birth dates into account when stating whether a particular date is auspicious or not. Even assuming a date is be stated as auspicious in ALL the books or on the internet, it may not be auspicious to you personally. So if you are serious in securing a personally auspicious wedding date, I recommend getting it properly and professionally selected by a person trained and experienced in Chinese Date Selection. 🙂

  • Salini Das

    Just wanna know if 5th or 6th of December is ok for us to get married ??????
    Groom – Subir Saha
    DOB – 18.10.1984

    Bride – Shalini Das
    DOB – 25.06.1986

  • Hello Stanley, I am getting married this MAy 2014 but don’t know yet what is the best date for us. my partner birthday is January 20, 1982, and My birtday is June 28, 1989. I hope you will reply me. thanks!

    • Stanley

      Hi Jerheysa,

      Any of the May dates as listed on my site is auspicious enough if you just want a good wedding date but if you want the best personal date and time available to you and your future hubby, that is chosen strictly according to both your birth dates, then you will want to click on the “Buy Now” button located at the upper right corner on my site. Thank you. 🙂

  • fatima

    Hi, me and my fiance is getting married on june 14,2014 my dob is oct 13,1984 and my fiance is aug. 19, it a good date for the wedding?



    • Stanley

      Hi Nitin,

      Feel free to choose from any of the November and July auspicious wedding dates as listed on my site if you needed free dates. 🙂

  • Jean

    Hi stanley, we are planning to get married this year and would like to know if either Nov 4 or 6 is a good day to set our wedding day? And which one do u think is the best one to choose?

    Groom: April 10, 1981 (Rooster)
    Bride: May 20, 1988 (Dragon)

    Thank you and we hope u could help us!

  • meian

    We are getting married this may 24, 2014 @ 3pm. Dob 11.05.85 and 07.30.85

    • Stanley

      Hi Meian,

      May 24th is not a good day to get married for both of personally, especially between the hours of 1pm to 3pm. 🙁

  • elle

    Date of Birth: March 15, 1982 and January 7, 1981

    Plan to get married on: 7th August 2014.

    Please advice. Thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Elle,

      Since you haven’t stated which birthday belongs to which, I’ll take it that the first birthday belongs to you. In that case, it is not an ideal date. Avoid if possible.

  • Sahlee

    We are planning to get married on June 20, 2014. Bride’s Birthday: October 16, 1978 Groom’s Birthday: October 24, 1985. Please advice. Thank you.

  • Albert

    We are planning to get married this year.
    groom’s birthday is December 1, 1981
    bride’s birthday is August 11, 1982

    We are choosing August 9 or September 6. Thanks.

    • Stanley

      Hi Albert,

      Both days are not suitable as wedding dates as one is a Year-Breaker Day and the other clashes with the bride’s birth year thus I recommend re-selecting from the list posted on here.

  • Maggie

    Hi Stanley,

    We want to get married on June 29th 2014. Bride (Chinese) DOB 08/02/1970 and groom (English) 12/03/1971. Is it a good day for us? Thanks a lot!

  • Maggie

    Hi Stanley,

    Change of plan. Now we are looking at going back to England to get married either on 07/25 or 07/26/2014. Bride (Chinese) DOB 08/02/1970 and groom (English) 12/03/1971. Is it a good day for us or which one is better? Thanks a lot!

    • Stanley

      Hi Maggie,

      Both dates are not ideal for marriage but if you must choose, then 07/25 seems to be a better choice.

  • romputer

    We would like June 20, 2014 as our wedding day in China
    bride: 3/9/1966
    groom: 1/7/1960

    Okay? 🙂

  • guilric

    good day stanley!

    my soon to be husband’s DOB is dec 2, 1983 and mine is sept 12, 1984. any advice can you give if we will be planning to tie the knot on either nov 28, 2014 or dec 8, 2014. thank you and more power.

  • Rosalie

    Hi Stanley,

    Im planning to get married this July. May I know whats a good date for me and my hubby?

    My Bday: 6/25/1982
    HUbby’s Bday: 8/25/1982

    I am thinking of July 3 or 12?

    Thanks a lot.

  • phryll

    hi stanley,

    we are planning to get married 2015, actually exact day that we want is aug. 8. my birthday is april 30, 1984, his is february 6, 1984. Is the date okay? thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Phryll,

      For 2015 auspicious wedding dates you will have to wait till later in the year when I post the list up or if you can’t wait, you may want to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button at the upper right of my site to see if 8th August 2015 is an auspicious wedding day for you and if not, get one properly selected based on you and your fiance’s birthdates. 🙂

  • vivian

    hi sir,
    we plan to register our marriage within this year. Which date is more suitable for ROM?
    26 july or 29 August?
    Bride: 19 June 1987
    groom: 22 oct 1984

    • Stanley

      Hi Vivian,

      Between the two, 29th August would be a better date. 🙂

      • vivian

        Hi Stanley,
        thanks for your reply. Sorry to bother you again because my partner would like register our marriage in september. Any suitable dates in September?

  • smtay

    Female: 29 july 1984
    Male: 13 june 1983
    4 october 2014 is it a good wedding date for us?

  • jean

    Hi. I plan to get married this coming December 2014. I just want to know what is the best date. Me I born Dec.11,1988 and my groom born march.22,1989. Thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Jean,

      If you want to know what is the best wedding date that is personally auspicious only to the both of you, kindly click on the ‘Buy Now’ button located at the upper right of my site. Alternatively any of the Dec wedding dates freely listed on my site will be also usable. 🙂

  • gk

    Hi. May I ask any ideal dates in December 2014 for the guy who was born June 17, 1981 and the girl who was born January 11, 1981? 🙂
    Thanks a lot sir!

  • Nicholas

    Hi Stanley,
    My DOB is 10 Mar, 1983 (Yin Fire, Pig) and my girl friend is 8 May, 1983 (Yang Fire, pig). our parents were born in the years of horse and snake,

    Is 28 Nov, 2014 an auspicious wedding date for us?
    On this day, the church is only available for my ceremony at 2pm. My mum mentioned to me that 1pm – 3pm is bad timing. So how? (the Chinese traditional ceremony will be held from 11 am onwards).

    Thank you in advance,

    • Stanley

      Hi Nicholas,

      You can use 28th Nov as your marriage date. I suspect the reason why your mum said that the timing between 1-3pm is bad due to her referring to the Chinese Tongshu. 🙂

      • Nicholas

        Hi Stanley,

        Appreciate if you can advise the auspicious timings in the morning and afternoon on the 28 Nov.
        What are the inauspicious time to avoid?

        Thank you

  • Michele

    Hi Stanley-

    Is Dec.20 a good day for us?
    Bride- 08-24-1971
    Groom- 06-20-1970

    Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day.

  • Mary

    Hi stanley! We are planning to get married by OCTOBER 14, 2014. Is it ideal for us couple with the following birth dates?

    Bride: April 13, 1988(Dragon)
    Groom: April 10, 1987 (Rabbit)

    Thank you so much:)

  • Dave

    Hi Stanley, Good day! We are getting married on December 27, 2014 and I just want to know/check if this date is very good for us or not. I was born August 14, 1984 and she was born July 21, 1984. I hope you can advice me. Thanks in advance.

  • mercedes

    Hi Stanley:
    We are getting married on Dec 12,2014 and want to know if it is a good day for us?
    Bride: 10/26/83
    Groom: 08/14/83

    Thank you,

    • Stanley

      Hi Mercedes,

      Dec 12th is not a good day for getting married. I recommend you choose another better date if possible.

  • Naya

    Hi Stanley-

    Is August 27 good day for us?
    Bride- august 14, 1988
    Groom- march 29, 1983

    Thank you so much


  • KL

    Hi Stanley,
    Is Oct 18 or 19th 2014 a good day to marry?
    bride – june 20, 1982
    groom – aug 22, 1976

    Thank you!

  • Vel Tang

    Hi Stanley,

    We actually chose 13th December 2014 to get married. But parents said its not a good date, we are not sure why too.
    We are now looking at 14th December 2014 or 20th December 2014 to get married. May I have your advice which date will be suitable?

    Bride: 23-02-1985
    Groom: 13-11-1973

    We are both ox.

    Hear from u soon Thank you!

    • Stanley

      Hi Vel,

      Both dates (13 & 14) are not suitable for you to get married. 20th Dec seems to be your best bet. 🙂

  • Mary

    Hi again Stanley,

    How about Sept 19, 2014? Is it lucky for us?

    Bride: April 13, 1988(Dragon)
    Groom: April 10, 1987 (Rabbit)


  • jean

    Hi Stanley,
    Can you verify whether October 19, 2014 is a good day for our wedding?
    Bride – june 20/82
    Groom – aug 22/76

    Thank you so much!

    • Stanley

      Hi Jean,

      Oct 19th is not really a god day for getting married. It would be advisable to choose a better date.

  • Rich


    Is November 28, 2014 good day for us? Also considering March 7, 2015 and July 18th, 2015 as alternate dates if better.
    Bride- March 13, 1982
    Groom- January 8, 1977

    Thank you so much


  • Shelley

    Hiya Stanley
    Is November the 29th 2014 a good day for me and my partner to get married or is there a better day?
    Bride 07/03/1979
    Groom 28/03/1979

  • Jason

    Hi Stanley,

    We are getting married on July 30, 2014. Please let me know if it is good for us?

    Bride: November 19, 1980 (Monkey)
    Groom: July 30, 1976 (Dragon)

    Thank you so much.

    • Stanley

      Hi Jason,

      July 30th 2014 is not a good day for getting married, especially for the bride. I highly recommend choosing another better date.

  • Joan

    Hi stanley! We are planning to have our ROM by 26 December 2014. Is it ideal for us couple with the following birth dates?

    Bride: February 20, 1988
    Groom: March 3, 1985

  • Amy


    My fiance and I are thinking of doing a civil ceremony this September or October. The specific dates I’m looking at are: 9/18, 9/19, 10/16 or 10/17. Are these good dates for us?
    Bride – 1/30/1981 – China
    Groom – 1/9/1981 – Texas


  • divina

    Hi stanley,
    Bride march 31,1989
    Groom november 6,1988
    We plan on december 27,2014
    Can you advise us if this date us suitable for the bith of us, thank you!

  • Hi stanley
    I would like to know if sept.10 or 24 is a good day to get a civil wedding
    . Groom birthday:february 22,1986
    Bride: birthday:december 19,1985
    Thank you and more power.

  • Shelley

    Sorry just seen your comment.
    Thank you :)xx

  • Milly

    Hi Stanley
    We plan to get married on 28 Nov 2014. Groom: : 10 Mar 1983 (year of pig)
    Briide : 8 May, 1983( year of pig).

    Is 11am – 12 noon good time (Bride to enter the groom’s house etc) and 2pm -3pm for church ceremony? Thanks

    • Stanley

      Hi Milly,

      You should try to avoid any time between 9am to 11am. Any other timings are fine. 🙂

  • Vivian

    Sorry to bother you again. We are planning to have our ROM on 1 nov 2014 and is it suitable day for us? Thanks
    Bride: 19 June 1987
    Groom: 22 oct 1984

  • Iswarya

    Helo Sir,
    I have fixed my wedding on Nov 9th 2014.but 8th we have few functions. People Say 8th is not a gud day .is it true?

    My DOB: 21.04.1988
    My Fiance D.O.B :15/08/1983.
    So,please let me know is the wedding date fixed is right ?

    Pls reply.
    Mail i.d

    • Stanley

      Hi Iswarya,

      The most important date for you is the wedding day proper when you sign on the wedding documents that officially makes you husband and wife. Other functions on different days are of secondary importance. Having said that, 9th Nov 2014 is a good day. 🙂

  • Nittiya Nuanploy

    I would like to ask the auspicious day for our marriage.
    My birthday is November 15,1984 //11.03 am (female)

    My partner birthday is December 17, 1977 as she use in her ID but her real birth year is 1978. (Female)

    We is planing to get marriage on August 15,14 but they said it is in a ghost month. Can you please give us an advice that we should use the same day or other day instead and what is a good timing. Thank you in advance

    • Stanley

      Hi Nittiya,

      August 15th 2014 is a good day for getting married. The fact that it “happened” to be a Chinese Ghost month should be irrelevant to you unless the “rules” applies to you too? 🙂

  • Ilyn

    Hi I would like to get married on dec 27 2014.. my birthday is 29th oct 1986 and my fiance`s is jan 19 1985. We were planning to have it at 9am.. is it ok?? Thanks

    • Stanley

      Hi Ilyn,

      Although Dec 27th is generally a good day to get married, the timing is also good and it is suitable especially for your fiance, it is not a good day for you personally as it clashes with your birth date. Personally I would recommend choosing another date if possible.

  • Mag

    Hi Stanley,

    Hope you can help us with this. We are planning our ROM on 8 November 2014.

    My fiance’s DOB is 5 Nov 1983 (Pig)
    My DOB is 19 Aug 1986 (Tiger)

    Would 8 November 2014 be a good date?


  • Eugene


    We are looking for auspicious day to get married

    Groom (5Nov83) and Bride (19Aug86)

    Looking at 25Oct14(Sat) 1Nov14(Sat) 8Nov14(Sat).

    Can advise if any of the dates are okay?

  • eliza

    Were planning to get married but we dont know the right time
    bride nov 10,1975
    groom sept 19,1956

  • Vanya

    I would like to ask is November 11, 2014 good for us getting married? My future husband is born on 29th august 1968, and I am born on 29th june 1973.Please, be so kind to answer ?

  • Joy

    I would like to know if oct 1st, 3rd or 6th is a good day to get a civil wedding.
    Groom birthday: jan 26, 1982
    Bride: birthday: sept 24, 1980
    Thank you!

    • Stanley

      Hi Joy,

      Although all 3 dates for not perfect and I would suggest choosing other dates, Oct 1st seems to be the best option for you if you have to choose between these 3 dates.

  • ferds

    Hi Stanley,

    We are planning to get married this coming September 27, 2014.
    Can you please give us an advice if it is a good day?

    Groom Birthday : August 17, 1984
    Bride Birthday : June 11, 1989

    Thank you so much..
    God Bless

    • Stanley

      Hi Ferds,

      Sept 27th is not really an ideal day for getting married but is still usable if you have no other options.

  • Nyx

    Hi Stanley, will 21st Dec 2014 be a good wedding day for Rabbit (Groom) & Horse (Bride)?

  • Sharon Xavier

    Sir, I would like to know about my marriage, my date of birth is 26/12/1990 time 4.15 am. Some astrologers tell that perhaps I have no married life or it would be late one. Pls help me. Will I have a good married life, then when will it happen, any products for that. Hope you reply soon

    • Stanley

      Hi Sharon,

      From the first glance at your birth chart, You can have a husband if you desired one but he might not notice you immediately and you may have to work a little harder to get his attention. Next year around July will If be a lucky period for you romantically. If you are open to suggestions, I would like to recommend you get a Compatibility Analysis done to find out what you will need to do to get married to the RIGHT MAN and what you need to avoid doing so as to vastly improve your options.

  • Mhel


    My fiance and I are getting married this October 7, 2014. I would like to know if this date is auspicious for us
    my birthdate is 8/28/1984
    Her birthdate is 10/12/1985

    Thank you for your advice.

  • Kaye

    Hi Stanley,
    We are planning to get married on December 2014 either 10th or 16th day.
    Groom Birthdate is May 7,1978
    Bride Birthdate is June 30,1984
    Thank you!

  • We are getting married this december 23, 2014

    Bride bday: June 24, 2981
    Groom bday: March 29, 1981

    Although in your list it states auspicious date

  • Jeraline

    Hi Stanley,

    We are getting married this 7th of October 2014 is this a good day for us?

    bride: October 12, 1985 OX
    Groom: August 28, 1984 RAT


    • Stanley

      Hi Jeraline,

      Oct 7th is not a very good day for getting married. Recommend you choose another day.

      • Jeraline

        Will the day before it be good? according to your list it is auspicious october 6. However, in numerology the total of the date is 5 and is considered bad luck for the couple. Why is it there are things that tends to counteract with another? thank you.

        • Stanley

          Hi Jeraline,

          Please try not to confuse yourself with different methods unless you know what you are doing and why. Due to the different aspect of each method’s focus you sometimes may get conflicting results. But if you are serious enough you will be able to find a date that “agrees” with every method you can think of. That is also why the dates listed on the websites (mine included) are general-in-nature and are good if you are not too particular. Unless you know what you are doing, I suggest sticking to one method and one method only. 🙂

  • Chris

    Hi Stanley,

    What is the best date to get married between Sept 25 – Oct 8. ?

    We were suppose to marry on Sept 28 but my wives family remembered that it is her oldest brother’s death anniversary. We are looking for another good date for the wedding.

    My birthday is Nov. 27, 1983 and hers is February 13, 1992

    I appreciate the insights. Thank you.

  • Maria clarita gammad

    Hi Stanley!
    I would like to know if dec. 8 is ok to have our civil wedding. And if its if my fiance jst died last aug. 12?
    Bride: may 10, 1986
    Groom: july 7. 1978
    Thank you

    • Stanley

      Hi Maria,

      Dec 8 is ok for your wedding. As for your fiance’s brother passing away, normally if you follow the Chinese way there’s a waiting period of between 49 days to a year, depending on who you ask. But since assuming that you are not of Chinese descent, I don’t think that should be a concern. 🙂

  • Maria clarita gammad

    Hi sori for the typo. My fiance brother just died last aug. 21.

  • Maja

    Hi Stanley,
    Cn you please tell me what do you think about me getting married 22/9/2014.
    Bride 23rd august 1977
    Groom 1st april 1973
    What time would be best for ceremony? Would 9pm be ok

    Thank you

    • Stanley

      Hi Maja,

      Personally, let’s just say that if it was my wedding I definitely would not have gotten married on that day nor that hour.

  • soa

    Hi, wanted to check if Dec 12 is a good day for a civil ceremony for a bride that is May 5, 1977 (snake) and groom November 6, 1971 (pig)

    • Stanley

      Hi Soa,

      Dec 12th is not a good day for getting married especially for the groom. May I suggest getting the best auspicious date properly chosen instead of gambling on blind luck? 😉

  • Nicholas

    Hi Stanley,
    I am getting married on 28 Nov 2014, My birthdate is 10 Mar 1983 (boar) and my fiancé is on 8 May 1963 (boar).

    The plan is church ceremony at 10 am and then the bride enter the groom;s house after 11 am (11am -1pm). According to my mother the time for the bride to enter the groom’s house is most important event according to chinese tradition.

    Is the date and time OK?

    kind regards,

  • Sheron

    Hi Stanley,

    We would like to choose our ROM solemnization on the 02dec14. Is that okay? If not what other date would you recommend.

    Bride: 1978 May 17 ( horse )
    Groom : 1974 Mar 01 ( dragon )

    Thank you very much for your insight.

    • Stanley

      Hi Sherron,

      Dec 2nd is not an ideal date for getting married. Usable only if you don’t have any other choice.

  • Sheron

    Sorry, it’s Tiger instead of dragon.

    My apology.

  • Rochelle Regalado

    Hi Stanley,
    Me & my husband are both born on the year of the sheep 1979. My birthday is April 17, 1979 and my husband’s birthday is June 16, 1979. We got married this July 28, 2014. We just want to know if it’s a lucky wedding date for us. Thank you!

  • FRAN

    GROOM 1985 JULY 25
    BRIDE 1988 DECEMBER 10


  • Mrs. B

    Hello I’d like to know the best dates for a pair of tigers future husband born 30 July 1974 and me 12 jan 1987 is nov 19 2014 good?

  • Lyric

    We are looking at getting married Dec 8th or Dec 4th 2014. Are these days good choices?
    Bride – Nov. 22 1989 (Snake)
    Groom – Oct. 22 1988 (Dragon)

  • sushant lembhe

    My marriage date is fixed which 28 December 2014.

    Please suggest

    • Stanley

      Hi Sushant,

      Dec 28th is not really a good day for getting married particularly if you are born in the year of the Rabbit.

  • Ad

    Hi Sir,
    Will like to check with you if 28 Dec 2014 is a good wedding date?
    Groom: 10 July 1985 (ox)
    Bride: 31 Dec 1986 (tiger)
    Thank you.

  • Melissa

    Good evening Stanley! I’m trying to help my best friend pick a date for her unique wedding ceremony. It will be just a few guests and the place to be determined on that day. I love the idea and want to do everything I can to help them both start out “aligned”.

    I suggested Dec 13, 2014 – she immediately loved it but I asked her to let me check with you… so thank you for any insight you can give. ~ Melissa

    Her birth date = November 24, 1967
    Groom’s birth date = July 13, 1971

    • Stanley

      Hi Melissa,

      I do not know why you suggested Dec 13 but according to Chinese Date Selection that day is what is know as a “Month Breaker” day which will be generally avoided even before looking at the couple’s birth dates. I am guess you are using western astrology to choose that date so if it works for you, then I suggest using it although personally I will select another. 🙂

  • yanna su

    Hi Stanley

    Pls adv if 20 dec 2014 (11 am ) good for wedding solemnization for groom 14 oct 1985 bride 20 april 1984 Many thx

  • Charl kare

    Hi Stanley,

    We plan to get married on civil ceremony on Dec 8, 2014. I was wondering if it is a good day?

    Bride: nov. 26, 1982
    Groom: april 7, 1976

    Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  • Bunny

    Hi Stanley, we planned to rom on 18th Dec 2014 @ 11am

    Groom: 10th Dec 1986
    Bride: 26th Feb 1984

    Is it a good date for us?

    • Stanley

      Hi Bunny,

      18th Dec is not a good date for getting married but if you really have no other choice at least the timing is still viable. 🙂

  • Kylie

    Hi, is Friday 28 November 2014 a good day for marriage?
    Groom: 7 Feb 1973
    Bride: 25 Nov 1975
    Thank you 🙂

  • Vesna

    Hi Stanley,
    please be kind to help me out in choosing one of 2 possible wedding dates.
    Groom: 29th Aug 1968
    Bride: 29th June 1973
    I must choose between 01.01.2015. and 11.01.2015.
    Which of those dates would be more lucky for our marriage?
    Thanx in advance and sending lots of love your way.

  • Vesna

    Thank you sooo very much Stanley. May I please please please ask you for advice, just in case that something changes and not available for civil ceremony in wedding registering office, do you have any recommendation for us for another date betweeen 01.01. and 11.01.2015.?

  • Melinda southivong

    Hi Stanley!!
    I was wondering if you’ll be so kind and to help men pick a wedding more so an elopment date in the month of December 2014?
    Bride: may 19 1990 horse
    Groom: may 15 1988 dragon
    I know it really short notice but would really appreciate your help.
    Thank you so much!!! And may the rest of your year be an amazing one

    • Stanley

      Hi Melinda,

      Traditionally Date Selection does not include elopement as a consideration but if you must then you may want to consider 2nd Dec. 🙂

  • lene

    we’re planning to do two weddings this dec 2014,
    just wanna ask if dec 18 good for civil wedding and dec 20 for church wedding at the same time baptismal of our daugthers?
    groom bday (1/14/1989)
    bride bday (9/16/1988)
    tnx! 🙂

    • Stanley


      Actually it would be more preferable if the dates are switched around as the civil weeding date takes precedence over the religious wedding date.

  • Mercedes

    Is january 10, 2015 a good day for wedding?
    Bride: 10/26/83, pig
    Groom: 08/14/83, pig

    Thank you!

  • lene

    Hi stanley,
    tnx for the responce.i just want to know
    regarding on the civl wedding 12.18.2014 and church wedding 12.20.2014 if it’s still good to put as ease the dates?because marriage license is required before church wedding.
    Groom: 1.14.1989
    bride: 9.16.1988

    tnx again!

    • Stanley

      Hi Lene,

      The issue is on 18th Dec as that is not a good day for solemnising a marriage and the civil wedding takes precedence over the religious wedding. But having said that, if you have no other choice then you can still go ahead, know that that is a below average day although not yet a “avoid-at-all-cost” day.

  • Joan

    Bride 20.02.88 , groom 03.03.85
    Is 14.11 15 or 19.12.15 a good day for our wedding?

  • LI

    Hi Stanley,
    I had did the family traditional wedding on Oct 25, 2014 but delay on the signing the marriage paper.

    Can you please help if this date is good Dec 20th, 2014 for marriage city hall. If not can you list the best possible dates for month this month or Jan 2015.

    her June 29 1980 – monkey
    his March 9 1978 – horse

  • lene

    hi stanley!
    regarding on the wedding date dec 27, is it ok to start the wedding 8:30 am?or 9, 9:30 am?
    groom 01.14.1989
    bride 09.16.1988
    tnx again!

  • hi stanley,

    Can you please help if this date is good for our wedding bells june 6, 2015. please confirm

    her april 19, 1990
    his june 4, 1985

  • Will

    Hi ShiFu Stanley,

    Would appreciate your help to see if wedding to be arrange on 05 March 2016?

    Her bd is 09 Feb 1990
    His bd is 17 Aug 1982

    Any good timing to pick her over?
    Thank you.

    • Stanley

      Hi Will,

      This free service only answers questions pertaining to this year 2015. For queries in 2016, you can wait till next year and ask again or engage my services on a professional basis. 🙂