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Annual (Yearly) Astrology Transit Report 2017


Personal 60 Jia-Zi Analysis Report for 2017


Compatibility Analysis Report


Your Complete Personal Astrological Profile


What Is Astrology According To A Monk

monks walking


“I believe in astrology but not astrologers.”

Ever since early man began to think, he was deeply concerned about his relationship with the universe. When human societies became involved in agricultural activities man progressed from hunting as a livelihood and began to notice . . . → Read More: What Is Astrology According To A Monk

Here’s wishing all my readers a very prosperous year of the Fire Monkey 2016


May 2016 be as bountiful, beautiful and full of prosperous golden opportunities as the picture above for you and your loved ones!

Feng Shui Sharing Session This Saturday

There is a feng shui sharing session happening this Saturday 26th September at Points of You cafe where I will show how to use 8 Mansions Feng Shui or Bazhai Feng Shui [八宅风水] is used to correct and improve the prosperity and luck of a house. If you’re in Singapore or is a Singaporean . . . → Read More: Feng Shui Sharing Session This Saturday

Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival

“King of Ghosts” parading through the streets


Hungry Ghost Festival, otherwise also known as the 7th month in the Chinese calendar marks the opening of the gates of the Chinese 18 levels of Hell, allowing the spirits of the dead to freely roam and visit loved ones in the land of the . . . → Read More: Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival