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Four Separation Days and Four Exhaust Days 四離四絕日


According to the ancient Chinese Date Selection text, based on the 24 Solar terms, there are eight days in every year that are inauspicious for many major activities but mainly weddings or marriages. These are the Four Separation Days and the Four Exhaust Days.

Why are these days neither conducive nor auspicious for major event like weddings?

The reason is this – four of those days (Separation) announces the changing a season while the other four (Exhaust) signifies the end of a season. Depending on the day in question, it is during this time that the seasonal Qi is most chaotic changing from Yang to Yin or Yin to Yang (for Four Sepearation Days) or when the seasonal Qi is at its lowest (for Four Exhaust Days). Typically this means chaos, change and depletion. In everyday terms, it means a time when a new guy takes over while the old one retires and in between no one’s in charge. And that is why for the ancient Chinese it is a very inauspicious day for a wedding where prosperity, harmony and stability is of the most importance.

Four Separation Days

  • One day before the Winter Solstice 冬至
  • One day before the Summmer Solstice 夏至
  • One day before the Spring Equinox 春分
  • One day before the Autumn Equinox 秋分

Four Exhaust Days

  • One day before the beginning or first day of Spring 立春
  • One day before the beginning or first day of Summer 立夏
  • One day before the beginning or first day of Autumn 立秋
  • One day before the beginning or first day of Winter 立冬


Personally though, I do not take into strong consideration these 8 days for my wedding date selection process, particularly for local requests, due to the fact that Singapore has only 2 seasons: Hot and Rainy. 🙂

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