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Heaven, Earth and Man:Redux

Feng Shui is just a part of the 33.3% of the metaphysical trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man. The other 33.3% being your Destiny that you are born with which is written in your Bazi or Astrological birth chart and the last 33.3% being your own Personal Actions and Choices. The last 0.1%? Pure random luck.

Heaven – Your Destiny
This is the life you are born with. Your personality, character traits and natural born tendencies can be derived from your Bazi or Astrological birth chart. From it we can determine your potential and latent talents. And also any potential problems involving your health, career, family, wealth and relationships can headed off and prevented if discovered early and corrective steps are taken.

Earth – Your Feng Shui
This is the interaction between you and the natural energy flows around you in your environment, especially that of your home where you and your loved ones will spend most of your time. Good Feng Shui will create harmony and prosperity for you and your family as the 5 Elements and energy flow is in harmony with each other. Bad or negative Feng Shui happens when there is conflict between the 5 Elements or when the energy flow is interrupted.

Man – Your Own Actions and Choices
This is what you choose to do or not do in your life. Even with the best possible Feng Shui setup and a superior Bazi or Astrological birth chart, if a person chooses to be lazy or does not want to take positive action, even God cannot help him.

On the other hand, even if a person is born with an inferior Bazi or Astrological birth chart, he can still “change” his Destiny if he utilise his own home Feng Shui to support his endeavors and goals or whatever he wants to achieve and at the same time personally take concrete and positive actions.

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