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How To Change The Period Of A House

Here’s how to change the Period* of a house in 3 simple steps:

Change the roof

Change the floor

Change the main door


As you can see, changing a house from one Period to the next is a BIG engineering feat. Not to mention expensive. That is why it is next to impossible for apartment or condo dwellers to be able to change the Period of their homes. If someone tells you that drilling a couple of holes in the ceiling or changing a few floor tiles or repainting the main door or any combination of the three will change the Period of your house, I hope you know where to find them and that you have kept the receipt. 🙂

By the way, even if you are able to, changing your house to a Period 8 just because it’s the most current and prosperous Star is NOT A GOOD IDEA.

*Each time Period (Yun) in feng shui lasts for 20 years and, as there are 9 periods, a complete cycle (Yuan) takes 180 years. Period 8 started on Feb 4, 2004 and will last till 2024. So if your house is built after Feb 4, 2004, it is known as a Period 8 house.

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