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This year we are offering a new life analysis method based on the time-tested Bazi study of 60 Jia-Zi. So what is this 60 Jia-Zi?

In advanced Bazi, the Jia-Zi (a combination of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch) forms one of the 4 Pillars of a person’s Chinese astrological birth chart and normally the Day Pillar is used. In turn this Day Pillar is perceived as an image to determine multiple things like objects, events, industries, businesses, people, places and even individual characters. And because there are actually 60 of such combinations, it makes a person’s Jia-Zi, which is based on the date of birth, highly personal and individualistic unlike the 12 Astrological Animal Signs or the 12 Zodiac signs commonly used in the west that uses the year of birth to determine outcome.

A personal Jia-Zi is used to assess person’s inner most character and personality and from there establish what the year will bring in various areas of his or her life like career, relationships, health and of course, wealth.

Which brings us back to our new astrological service, Personal 60 Jia-Zi Luck Analysis Report specifically for 2014 (and will be valid up until 3rd Feb 2015). In this informative PDF report you will find what’s in store for you personally in the year of the Wood Horse in 4 major areas of concern (Career, Relationship, Health and Wealth) of your life. With is personalized information about yourself, you will be better prepared to manage the ups and downs, surprises and opportunities in these 4 important areas! Plus there will be a monthly breakdown of what to watch out for.

The fee for the Personal 60 Jia-Zi Luck Analysis Report is originally worth $88 SGD but the good news is, for a limited period, we are glad to announce that you need to invest only $38 SGD.


Order your own Personal 60 Jia-Zi Luck Analysis Report now by clicking on the Buy Now button on the upper right corner of your screen for a personal “path of least resistance” roadmap to a prosperous and lucky 2014! All we need is your date of birth! 🙂


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3 comments to Personal 60 Jia- Zi Luck Analysis for 2015

  • kathy

    Hi Stanley,
    I hope you still remember me as the one who previously availed of your wedding date selection service. Anyway, I would like to ask how many pages does this report usually has and until when are you offering the $38 SGD price. I also noticed that you would only need the date of birth. Will the report be different if we include the time of birth as well? Thank you! =)

    • Stanley

      Hi Kathy,

      Yes I do remember you. How are you? 🙂

      The number pf pages in the Personal Jia-Zi report will depend on how challenging the year will be for you personally. Typically for most people, it ranges between 10-16 pages. But I think the focus is not how many pages you will be getting but how useful the content inside is for you. You don’t buy the burger for the buns now, do you? 🙂

      The Personal Jia-Zi report uses only your Day of Birth for analysis, as compared to the Year of Birth usually used by most other masters use for similar reports, so the Time of Birth is not that important.

      The offer is only valid till the end of this month but if response continues to be good, we may consider extending.

  • kathy

    Thank you for the prompt reply. This is a very good offer. Will email you soon.