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Professional Auspicious Move-in Date Selection

best time to move into new house


How would you feel if you know that your move-in day will help bring lasting good fortune, harmony and happiness into your new home for the whole family?

Moving into a new house is one of life’s most important events. Because this is a place that you and your family will call “home”. It is your turf, your strongest castle, your safest sanctuary.

More importantly, it will be a place where you will be spending two-thirds of your life in; so does it not make sense to bring the best and most prosperous energies that matches with you and your family’s birth dates into your own home? A date, correctly matched and chosen, that will bring much harmony, stability and happiness for the whole family? This is the most common reason for doing a move-in date selection.

You have invested much into the purchase, design and renovations of the new house; should you not also invest in your family’s long-term happiness and prosperity too?


Yes, yes that’s great and all but why do I want to choose an Auspicious Move-in Date?

You may have heard of the saying “For everything there is a Season, a Time to Plant and a Time to Sow…” Timing is everything.  Being in the right place, at the right time doing the right thing. When the forces of nature comes together in harmony, it is a wonderful and very auspicious event. Particularly for the people involved. More so when a family is moving into a new house when the trinity of Heaven-Man-Earth is fulfilled.

When selecting an Auspicious Move-in Date, instead of haphazardly picking a “supposedly” good day from a book or the internet that may not be personally compatible, a precise move-in date that is purposely and carefully chosen based on own personal birthdates:

– Do not clash, or create conflicts or potential disruptions in the lives of all family members

– Attracts long term health, harmony and happiness into your home

– Helps attract luck and success towards the careers of working adults in the house

– Helps attract success towards school-going children in the house

– Helps soften any potential strain or stress between family members

– Reduces potential health problems within the family

– Reduces potential external interference


To choose your Auspicious Move-in Date –


(kindly type into the contact form below)

1. Full Name of the every family member

2. Birth Date and Time of every family member

3. The time frame that you looking at to move in



We will analyse every individual Birth Charts, calculate and select the three (3) sets of the most auspicious move-in dates and hours using the ancient Chinese Date Selection method that are based on “element qi” and “period energy” which combine both Heaven Qi and Earth Qi patterns for specific and favorable move-in dates that best suits every individual family member.

Payable standard fee of SGD$88.00

As these calculations take time, upon confirmation of payment kindly allow one day or two for results to be emailed to you. Any questions can be emailed to



Should you not be able to make use of any of the earlier selected auspicious move-in dates for whatever reason (eg. renovations delayed, family member overseas, etc), we will re-select new dates free of charge for you.


Please fill-in the required info, press submit then click on the orange button below. Thank you.

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