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The New Singapore One Dollar Coin-cidence??


Is it just me or is the new redesgined Singaporean $1 coin starting to look like it has a long lost cousin?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has announced that it would be rolling out a new series of coins by the middle of this year. Call it occupational-hazard or whatever you want but the new one dollar coin looks even more  suspiciously like a bagua mirror to me now than it’s current form.

Initially there was a lot of talk and speculations on whether there were any feng shui implications due to its octogonal bagua embossing when the first batch of gold coloured one dollar coins was launched back in 1987. Even now there are feng shui masters, including the foreign ones, who use the $1 coins as a feng shui tool, precising because of its unique design. By the way there is a very interesting urban story about how the bagua design came about; involving the then prime minister, a monk and the contiunous prosperity of a country. Just google “singapore one dollar coin feng shui” if you want to read about it.

Personally, I am waiting to see what’s the story behind the new design (other than the official, govenment sactioned one) and the types of creative feng shui uses people will come up with when it becomes widely available later in the year.  🙂

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