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The Tai Sui or Grand Duke of 2014 and Those Affected


According to Taoist traditions, the stately old gentleman you see playing a zither above is the picture of the current Grand Duke or Tai Sui for the year 2014, otherwise also known as the year of the Wood Horse. His name is Zhang Ci (章词) and he is one of 60 heavenly generals who takes turns every year to govern the affairs of matters pertaining to the Earth realm by decree of the Jade Emperor. Traditionally, many Chinese all over the world will go to the temples during the 31st of Jan to the 28th of Feb 2014 and offer prayers to “pacify” the current Tai Sui-in-office, particularly those whose astrological animal signs is in conflict with him, or rather the astrological animal sign the year represents, so that for the rest of the year he will not send them trials and challenges but to grant peace and good fortune instead.

Most Chinese will know that there are 4 astrological animal signs that will suffer the “wrath” of the Tai Sui and have “bad luck” throughout the year but no one ever tells you WHERE THE CHALLENGES ARE COMING FROM! So who are the ones who should pay attention in 2014 and what to watch for?

HORSE (值太岁): This year, Horse people need to pay attention to what they are doing as most of problems and challenges they encounter seems be self-inflicted or through self-sabotage, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

RAT (冲太岁): This year, Rat people will experience a less-than-comfortable roller coaster ride but the good news is they will see challenges coming before it hits them, if they only pay attention.

RABBIT (破太岁): This year, Rabbit people will face situations that they may be pushed into corners or do things they would not normally do, like against better judgement, getting into damaging relationships and picking up harmful behaviours.

OX (害太岁): This year, Ox people need to be more careful and be on their toes with everything they do and the people they deal with, as the challenges will come at a direction that’s least expected.

(challenges read: trouble)

This year’s Tai Sui is located in the SOUTH sector between 172-187 degrees from the center of the property so in order to prevent “disturbing” the Tai Sui energies within your house and/or office, it is a good idea to avoid all forms of renovation, moving large furniture around, drilling of walls and especially breaking of ground in that area. This also applies to the immediate areas OUTSIDE your house or office.

Note: The above are but very general guidelines and have not taken into consideration the rest of your personal birth chart so kindly take the above as a warning and not as a rule. Also you may find that in some websites people will substitute the Ox with a Rooster. 🙂

2 comments to The Tai Sui or Grand Duke of 2014 and Those Affected

  • Missy

    Will you be posting a complete guide on how to avoid misfortune and attract good luck before the new year starts in January 2014? By this I mean, what Feng Shui symbols do we need to put up in specific locations of the home or office.

    Thank you!

    • Stanley

      Hi Missy,

      Yes. There will be an article on how to avoid misfortune and attract good luck but not about what feng shui symbols to put up because they are all just that, symbols. And the feng shui year only starts on 4th Feb (at 6.03am to be exact) and not the common new year on 1st Jan or on Chinese New Year itself. 🙂