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This is not Classical Feng Shui

Just to list a couple of things that is NOT a part of, nor has it ever been a part of, authentic Classical Feng Shui.

Space Clearing – With Tibetan singing bowls or burning sage bundles. New Age stuff
Clutter Clearing – Common sense and hygiene. By the way, also New Age stuff
Psychic Feng Shui – Where the practitioner “feels” the feng shui of a place (wow, really?). Again New Age stuff
Spiritual Feng Shui – There is nothing spiritual about Classical Feng Shui as religion or religious items are not involved
Pyramid Feng Shui – Pyramid + Feng Shui?? Don’t know where that came from!
Intuitive Feng Shui – Huh? What?
Black Hat Sect Tibetan Feng Shui – Introduced in 1986(!) by this guy named Lin Yun and then Tibetan Buddhism got included into the mix somewhere along the way.

Finally there’s the so-called Art of Placement or Symbolic Feng Shui where you are required to buy (often expensive!) figurines of chinese mythical creatures like dragons, chi lins and 3-legged toads, religious items like statues of Buddhas, Chinese Deities, Mantras, Chants or paper talismans or even common chinese items like paintings of waterfalls and mountains, craving of cabbages, chinese abacus, bagua mirrors or chinese flutes. These things might have beneficial psychological effects on the people buying them but that’s about it. And the reason it is called symbolic is that it is a representation and not the real thing. All these things does NOTHING for you feng shui-wise. I’d always like to use the analogy of showing you a picture of a burger when you are starving instead of actually giving you a real one. 🙂

Oh, by the way, “Symbolic Feng Shui” is a term coined and used by the actual people selling these items. Hmmm….

Anyway to put it simply, actual (for want of a better word) feng shui only comes in 2 schools: San He and San Yuan and both involves identifying of the type of Qi or energy (whether positive or negative) that is naturally occurring in your environment and using it to better your life in health, wealth and harmony.

Disclaimer: By this listing I am by no means knocking the various types of non-classical (non-traditional) feng shui methods commonly practiced in the West. I understand that these people too has a business to run and mouths to feed. If it works for you, more power to you I’d say. 🙂